Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY // photo @ad1k4h

Hi, my name is Shayola, I’m from Hungary. I’m 26 now and I love cosplaying! I went to my first convention in 2010 and saw how many cool cosplayers there were. They seemed to have so much fun in cosplay, I wanted to try it out as well.

So for the next convention I commissioned a seamstress to sew a costume for me. However I made all the accessories to it. She didn’t understand the reference completely, so I decided that I will make my own costumes from now on. However wearing the cosplay felt sooo amazing, I never felt so good about my outlook before. I never thought I was pretty and was never one of the popular girls in high school, so when I wore the costume and a ton of people complimented me that was a huge self-esteem boost.

Since then I made a ton of costumes, learned how to sew, how to make armor, how to cast silicone and resin, how to style wigs, and to do makeup. I improved in performance on the stage and won quite a few cosplay contests. Last year I fulfilled two of my long wished cosplay goals: 1. to represent my country in an international cosplay contest (got 2nd place in the finals!), 2. and to attend BlizzCon’s cosplay contest. I got into Top50 and walked on the main stage! I still can’t believe that!

It was in 2010, it was the MondoCon in Hungary. It was a huge experience for me. I went with my high school friend and we loved it! It was so different from what we were used to. You know we are from a little town in the country, which is very conservative. Everyone is so old-fashioned and so like-minded, that if you are different even a tiny bit you will get judged hard. You get weird if you wear to colorful clothes on the street. So when we got to the convention and everyone was cosplaying, wearing wigs and “weird” clothes it was so freeing. Everyone was super nice and funny and you could talk to anybody. When you forgot your stuff somewhere, nobody stole it. It felt so peaceful and so vibrating at the same time.