Silver Lining Cosplay

We chose Ifrit because my wife is an avid Final Fantasy fan and 10 was her first game. We were planning on a completion piece and she had always wanted to do the build. 

The process was quite an interesting go for sure. It was very challenging as it was the first time we had worked with some of the materials. Lots of foam work, the teeth are actual dentures we made for him, the hands have full puppetry and move with mine, etc. It took us about 4 months to complete in time for the completion. The response was very positive! 

I’ve been cosplaying for many years. The first was a Star Trek uniform I bought for a local convention around 10 years ago or so. My wife has been sewing for many years and is very creative. Once she realized I had an interest in creating and wearing the costumes, it was a natural conclusion for us.

Cosplay has been an incredibly positive influence on my life. We have met so many incredible and inspirational people. It has helped my health as well, as there are many cosplays for men that require a fit body. Exercising has become part of my daily routine. We do as many panels and motivational speeches as we can to try and promote body positivity and diversity, so giving back to the community has been an amazing experience as well.

—- SilverLining & DevouringDark Cosplay

Photo : dmacstudios

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