SkyCosplays (Masquerade Armor)

I had to wear this cosplay in an Uber on the way to the con! I had to squeeze myself into the back seat with three other people, and if I moved at all I would be crushing some part of my dress or armor. I was totally expecting some weird looks or comments from the driver, but they didn’t even look twice at it. I guess it’s not the weirdest thing they’ve seen!

A lot of times people only see the finished product of my cosplays and don’t realize that I go through a lot of trial and error and a lot of pieces. I think a lot of people put pressure on themselves to make everything they create perfectly the first time, but if you don’t make mistakes you’ll never learn or move forward. Failing and trying again is an important part of the creative process, so don’t get discouraged if a piece doesn’t turn out perfect the first time around!

The Masquerade armor of Guild of Wars 2 had been one of my dream cosplays for years, and even though I finished it in February of 2018 I had only ever worn it once to an event. I had not yet worn it to a con in my home state and Holiday Matsuri was the perfect opportunity! I knew I wanted to wear it again and it was the perfect cosplay to end the year of conventions with.

Building this cosplay took about a year of on-and-off work. Working on it included pattern drafting, resin casting, fabric painting and dyeing, Worbla work, foam crafting, steel cutting, PVC work, fabric manipulation, and more. I ended up learning many new techniques to make it as accurate as I could, and many parts took several rounds of trial and error.

Some congoers admitted they didn’t know what I was cosplaying! Many people asked me about how I created certain aspects of my cosplay, and talking shop about costumes and construction techniques is one of my favorite parts of cosplaying, so I really enjoyed talking about this build. It was also the most I had been recognized just from the photos of the cosplay I had posted online! People were also very accommodating of the ballgown sized skirt, even in large crowds, which I really really appreciated.

— SkyCosplays

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