Soler Cosplay (Cereals)

My wife Brandy and I started our cosplay journey in 2006 around 2 years after we got married. At the time neither of us had any experience making costumes but it was a great way to spend time together taking on new challenges and learning new skills, plus we needed a new hobby after having quit WOW. We even started to cosplay competitively and that’s where we have met some really amazing friends! The kind of friends that would drive 3 hours just to attend our daughter’s birthday party or just to hang out for a weekend. Even though we live in different states we still make time to visit one another regularly and they are as close to us as family. We have even gone on a few vacations with them and we would have never met such amazing people if it weren’t for cosplay. Our daughter is 7 so of course she was born into the cosplay life and last year she even sewed her own costume for Anime Weekend Atlanta. Cosplay brings us together uniting us in our efforts to make and wear costumes and I couldn’t even imagine our lives without it at this point, it’s a part of who we are as a family.

— Soler Cosplay

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