Sonic the Cosplayer

I’ve been a Sonic fan since ‘91, when I got my Sega Genesis for Christmas, so Sonic has always been there as a supporting force for my creativity throughout the years, as it’s the main link to my childhood. I’m a firm believer in that the imagination is connected directly to one’s childhood spark! The big inspiration that started the whole “Sonic Mashup cosplay” thing was, funny enough, DeviantArt. All of the fanart crossovers of Sonic with other characters, like Goku from DragonballZ, inspired me to add some of my favorites to the mash-up and fanart genre, and thus, Sonic the Cosplayer was created and my dream of “bringing fanart to life” was born!

Honestly, it’s a toss up between Superman and Santa Sonic. The first being incredibly relatable as ‘Super Sonic” (because puns are amazing) and the instant recognition with kids. With Santa Sonic it answers the age old question: “How does Santa get around the world so fast?”…also I ABSOLUTELY love handing out cookies at conventions!

Depending on the type of convention/event and my current cosplay, I would get a different response. If there’s not much in terms of customization on my costume and it’s a smaller con, then “chit-chat” mode is engaged. BUT if it’s a large convention (especially with tons of families), the general response is total excitement and awe! To the point where I can achieve the “Theme Park Effect”, in which I’ll have 20-30 groups of people waiting in line to grab a photo. It’s a fantastic feeling when that happens!

Well let’s see. I’ve been asked to be petted, asked if I was somebody’s pet, and I definitely have some crazy cosplay stories over the past few years. But the stories that stick with me the most, are the ones that involve interacting with kids. I still remember a few years back at Metrocon, when they had a Kids Day, where kids got in free. It was swamped. I was swamped. My photo-op line was longer than some of the attractions they had set up! Seeing that many people (especially the kids) excited to see Sonic (cosplaying Link) blew my mind and motivated me to keep doing what I do. Bringing fan art to life! 

— Sonic the Cosplayer

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