Spectra (Aquaman)

Well, l think Aquaman is such a badass character & highly underrated. He’s usually just tired as “the guy who talks to fish” which sucks. He’s super strong, durable, King of Atlantis, & has done some really badass things in comics. Such as stabbing Darkseid in the eye with his trident or summoning a shark out the ocean to kill an alien. Not to mention him & Mera are one of my favorite comic couples. Also Jason Mamoa as Aquaman kinda opened me more to the idea to cosplaying him

I didn’t want to be just another Aquaman Cosplayer. I wanted to stand out & go with my own original design for him. I took aspects of various designs of Aquaman from figures, comics, video games, & the Justice League movie for it. It was also more for myself & body positivity. Since I was shirtless I wanted to show off my body as a way to boost my self esteem. It was one of the first costume I took time to design & make since my school hiatus from cosplaying last year. And I love what I came up with & so did a lot of people. 

I still can’t believe the overwhelming positive response to my Aquaman. As a black cosplayer you usually get “black version of said character” but that didn’t happen, not even once. I didn’t have to thrown on a blonde wig or stupidly whiten up my skin. I WAS Aquaman & people loved it. I haven’t had such a huge positive response to a costume since I did Frozone at Katsu 2014. I ran into other Aquamans and they flipped. Then once I started posting pictures of Aquaman I definitely noticed a huge surge of love !

— Spectra

Trident by Kiki Aran
Photo by Photos-NXS

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