Gore Magala from Monster Hunter // Cosplayer : Spectra // Photo : noir13

I am a huge Monster Hunter fan. Its been one of my favorite video game series since 2008 with the PSP handheld versions. Not to mention Gore Magala is one of my favorite monsters from the series due to its lore and play style. I think it was one of the more unique monsters in the series. Once I beat it in game I instantly fell in love with its weapons and armor. I loved how the armor looked in the earlier game. It reminded me of a dark knight, its tattered look made me look like a Demon. So I choose to do that as my first Monster Hunter build. One of my build goals, when I started making armor in 2013, was to always make a Monster Hunter armor set. So when CosplaySupplies.com approached me to do a sponsored build using their foam I felt it was the best chance to put my skills to the test.

The costume is made entirely out of L200 foam. It was my first time working with the foam and I ran a bunch of test on it to see if my usual tricks worked on it. To my surprise it did and I noticed it was much lighter than the foam I was comfortable with and used all the time. Despite that, I found it fairly easy to work with. I mainly used hot glue on it as Barge was too strong for it.

I debuted the cosplay at Yeticon last year and while I had some issues with it I still rather enjoyed wearing it. Tho the weather was not kind I still managed to get through a Monster Hunter group shoot we had put together. There was also another Gore Magala there who let me use their sword prop for photos since my friend was using my Shield & Sword prop. 

. I was just asked to go to a con with some friends from school. I had no idea what a convention was or cosplay. So I went to it. and tho it was a small con I had a blast. I saw people in costumes that they made themselves and thought it was pretty cool. Then I went to another con the next month which was much bigger and saw people wearing costumes that were big, detailed, and incredibly well made. So it was weird to see such a huge change in level of costume variety I saw. And since then I was hooked.

Cosplaying has allowed me to tap into my creative side in a way I thought was lost to me. Also congoing has allowed me to travel places to meet so many people. Some who are now good friends of mine and even fans which blows my mind. I have been able to travel all over and I want to expand my horizons even more. Hopefully making it to the West Coast for a con finally.