Caduceus Clay from Critical Role // Cosplayer : Spitzpunk // Photographer : filmandquill

I started listening to Critical Role this past fall, and as soon as Caduceus was introduced I was in love with him. I knew I would end up cosplaying him sooner or later, so I picked sooner. When planning out the costume I knew there wouldn’t be enough time to make his armor, so I settled on making something more casual. The Critical Role Community is filled with amazing creators and artists and while coming up with an idea I was heavily inspired by artists littleulvar and ron.koza.

Everything in the costume was planned to be pretty simple shape wise to make it easy to practice drafting patterns, which was all fun and games until I had to figure out how to pattern sleeves on a fitted shirt… I’m still not entirely sure how I got that to work in the end. But overall, the most time was spent just finding the materials. I had a very specific color palette in mind. It started with the wig and attempting to match all the pinks that way, then whatever I couldn’t find in the correct color ended up being custom dyed.

Up until cosplaying Caduceus I hadn’t really engaged in the Critical Role community, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The response was so positive I decided to wear him again the next day, which was unexpected since it meant painting myself grey a second time in one weekend. The CR community is so vibrant and fun. People gave me stickers and charms of Caduceus, not to mention Katsucon fell on Valentine’s Day this year. There were so many people giving out valentines and gifts. I left the con with so many buttons, dice, and lollipops.

I definitely have a larger collection of adhesives than I ever would have expected to own and hold on to a lot more fabric scraps than what are probably actually big enough to make anything with. Cosplay is an amazing creative outlet though. I love to dabble and try new crafting techniques, and cosplaying is a constant stream of problem solving. You are always having to come up with creative, and hopefully inexpensive, solutions. It has also introduced me to so many amazing and talented people. The amount of encouraging and artistic energy constantly happening on all of my social media channels is my main motivator to keep making new costumes.