Steampunk’d Batman

Batman // Cosplayer : SteampunkedBatman // Photo : WCarrigan

How the Steampunk’d Batman came about was… I went to an event to help support my very good friend and coworker Bartholomew Macasieb and his wife Jennifer( who have cosplayed for years) back in Feb of 2018…. I had such a good time that I decided to create my own cosplay… since I love Batman … I knew I wanted to do a Batman but I wanted to do something special and out of the box… I love steampunk and victorian era things and looked online to see if or what others may have done for a Batman … I saw a few but I had a much grander scale an idea in mind… The idea that what if Batman actually existed in the late 1800’s and what materials and technologies would he have at that time to be the Batman… and so the vision and journey began !!!

The costume its self is mostly put together from found objects and repurposed things… these materials range from leather and fabrics to used sports equipment, plastic trash cans, foam, automotive parts, parts from a vcr and… even little kids toys you would find at the dollar store…. I hand crafted every thing and altered things as need be …. and having been a theatrical scenic artist for many years I pulled out my magic tricks for the texturing of items and how they would be painted… It truly is a one of a kind costume….

I have too many very funny stories to even begin to count LOL… people are always so funny when they first encounter me in my Steampunk’d Batman costume… Most of the time it is shock and awe…. sometimes they don’t even know what to say or how to reach… I have scared a few ( not intentionally LOL) but I guess when they see a 7 foot tall Batman they get a wee bit nervous…. I have been asked so many great and at times some very funny questions my favorite of which is … How do you go to the Bathroom in that ?????? LOL…. However my most wonderful memory as Steampunk”d Batman is when I was at Greater Philly Conic Con this past April when a sweet young lady about 6 years old with downs syndrome came right up to me and asked without any fear and with a great big smile and asked if she could have a picture with me…. she asked me all kinds of question and we talked for about 10 mins…. when we were about to part ways her dad came over to me and said…. she absolutely had to meet you cause she saw your picture online and was absolutely intrigued!!! He got a little teary-eyed and continued by saying that he couldn’t thank me enough for taking the time to talk to her cause all she had talked about for weeks was meeting me… I was touched!!!! I unfortunately never got their names but I was truly moved!!! …. To have been such an Inspiration that she wanted to meet me in person…. THAT is my fondest Con Memory that I take with me everywhere I go and in my heart and mind….

I found out about steampunk from some friends of mine and I have always loved everything Victorian Era and late 1800’s so it seemed like a perfect match for my work and what I had envisioned…. I love Steampunk even more as I have continued on my Cosplay journey because of the truly awesome creativity that one can have and let loose with this particular genre… you can literally steampunk anything…. heroes and villains…. cartoon and gaming characters… vehicles… everyday devices and decor…. Anything!!!… I can’t even begin to list it all LOL… So for me, its truly insane amount of creativity one can have with literally NO boundaries!!!!