Stephy Blue

Black Chun Li from Street Fighter // Cosplayer : Stephy Blue // Photo : Justin Pineda

What I’ve learned about myself through cosplay is that I can be confident and sexy. I’m always so self conscious about my body and cosplay makes me feel so amazing and it has given me some confidence. I was always the shy girl in school and now I feel like I’m barely that anymore.

I cosplayed has blue Chun Li in December of 2018 as well as all of 2019 and I started being known for cosplaying as her. I loved cosplaying as ber but didn’t wanna stop since the outfit I had was looking a little rough. I decided to do another color of her same outfit for C2E2 2020. I made her evil instead of just being another color of her outfit. I felt so amazing and powerful.

I’m a plus size women so trying to find cosplay in my size is always challenging. I couldn’t find a black Chun Li cosplay anywhere until I came across EZcosplay. They were able to make a custom sized cosplay for me in time for the convention. I did black Chun Li with a friend who did blue Chun Li with me and people loved us! Adults and kids were amazed to see two different colored Chun Li’s together. Especially when we started playing Street Fighter in the game area as our colors. It made me feel so good that people enjoyed our cosplay.

Photo : Justin Pineda

My greatest struggle right now is being an overthinker. I’ve struggled with this my whole life. I hurt my own feelings sometimes and lost friendships because I assume things that probably were never happening. I’m so so afraid of being alone that I think that every person I make relationships with will eventually all leave me or use me for their own gain, which a few times it did happen to me. I just wish I was a person who gives zero F***s about if people care about me or not but I’m just a caring person. It is who I am.

I just want everyone to know that cosplay is for everyone. It’s something that we all can have fun doing. I’ve seen a lot of people being bullied out of the cosplay community for not being the right skin tone or race for a character or not having the right weapon or for being too fat or skinny. None of that matters. Cosplay is not something to be a perfectionist about. If you are good for you but most of us just wanna dress up as our favorite character and chill with our friends. So just do you and we will do us. Thank you!