Well, we decided before the convention we were attending that we had to recreate at least two memes. So a bunch of our friends stood there and took the photos, and already then other con-goers laughed and liked the idea we had with the meme. And I think it fitted well? I mean, Haruka wouldn't cheat on Michiru, but she DID kiss Usagi, so the idea were just perfect!


Cons in Norway are awesome after not opinion! We actually have alot of them, at least 10 each year, if not more! Of course, some are really small but that doesn't matter. The biggest I'd say is Spill Expo, even if it's mostly gaming and such the cosplay stage has gotten bigger over the past years.  But the biggest cosplay and nerd convention has been Desucon, I'm not entirely sure but I think it's around 3-5 thousand attending.

Usually in Norway the dealer room is combined with the artist alley :)  There's a lot of panels in Norway! Worbla, patterns, polymorph, wig styling, skit/performance panels, literally everything  cover what a cosplayer "need". As for activities, I know there are meet-ups for different fandoms and stage shows hosted by the various conventions.  But we also have cosplay competitions and qualifications at many of the conventions. Norway attends The Nordic Cosplay Championship and Eurocosplay.

.Michiru Kaiou  : @tanzoir
Haruka Tenou :  @sophieriis
Usagi Tsukino : @mathildesommer




Earlier this year, I found my old copy of Pokemon Ruby for GBA, which was the first Pokemon game I ever played. It brought back memories of when I played Pokemon with my brothers as a kid, and I decided to make a Pokemon gijinka cosplay for Fanime. Swellow was part of my main roster in Ruby, and I loved him to pieces – finding the amazing fanart design from Cowslip’s GijinkaDex only made me more excited to make the cosplay.

I try my best to make as much of my cosplays as I can. With Swellow, I drafted and painted the ink swirl design on cotton fabric, and then made a hakama and kimono after researching historical clothing blogs for construction tips. The capelet was draped in muslin before transferring the pattern to dupioni silk, and I casted the gold embellishments for the scalloped collar in resin. This was actually my first pair of wings, but I made them flexible with a 2mm foam and wire base to keep myself from being a nuisance at cons... and so I could walk through doorways unhindered. The larger feathers at the tips were also made with wire and foam, while the rest are dyed goose feathers cut to a pointed shape and glued onto the base.

The response at the convention was primarily confusion, I think ! People guessed anywhere from Fire Emblem to Inuyasha - even other Pokemon cosplayers had a hard time placing me while at the Pokemon cosplay gathering. Despite that, everyone I talked to was still appreciative of my craft and detail, and I met a lot of new people over discussing crafting techniques. But when I wore my cosplay to another con a few weeks later, I met two girls who knew the design from the artist’s original fanart. It felt really rewarding to know that I made the cosplay recognizable to those who knew the inspiration behind the cosplay.

Most of my more interesting reactions came not from congoers, but from the random people I passed by while walking to or from the convention center. A pair of elderly ladies saw me on the opposite side of the street and shouted at me to stop as they ran across the crosswalk to take selfies with me. One of them even asked if I could say hello to her 10-year-old grandson via a Facetime call. And when I was driving home in cosplay, I hit a toll bridge – the booth attendant wanted a picture and asked if he could follow me on Instagram.

Cosplay has changed the way I interact with people. I’ve always been introverted and shy, the quintessential wallflower - talking to strangers and making new friends was never my forte. Cosplay was one of the few things I could speak about confidently and passionately, and meeting new people via cosplay felt so much less daunting, especially when I was wearing a cosplay myself. It made me feel like I could be more confident and open, and over time that feeling started to bleed into the way I carried myself outside of cosplay too.

One of the things I noticed is how cosplayers are compared against one another – whose craft is better, whose makeup is more accurate, whose "blank" cosplay is considered the best within the community. There's nothing wrong with looking to others and learning from someone with more skill and experience, but the worst is when people compare cosplayers with the intent of putting someone down - especially when someone has worked so hard to pay tribute to a character they love. It's just as easy to compliment someone's efforts as it is to criticize what they did wrong - kindness doesn't cost you anything.


Photo : Sleepy Muse Photography



Marcus Aurelius

Two years ago, I saw the teaser trailer for God of War 4 during E3 and just knew I had to do Kratos for Denver Comic Con. The costume is mostly foam and leather. It was my First time doing any kind of foam work/ leather work at all and it was a bit of a challenge for me.. The axe is probably what took me the longest to make honestly.
There was a great response actually at Denver Comic Con. Everyone wanted to take time to get pictures with me. I was quite surprised that the cosplay was so well known and people honestly loved it.I ran into a couple of other Kratos cosplays while at the con and loooooved talking with them about their experiences as Kratos. Any time anyone said “boy” to me I would scream BOY at the top of my lungs lol
Well, honestly I’ve always been an avid gym goer and huuuuge nerd for some time. The fact that Kratos was so well received just makes me want to cosplay at every con I can. I love walking around as a character all day. Posing with kids and families and bringing a little light into their days at the con. 
Whatever your ethnicity, body type or level of cosplay experience …..never let anyone tell you you can’t play a character you want to play at a con. Cosplay is for everyone and it allows for all of us to share our art and talents with the world. Always do whatever you want and most importantly……always have fun doing it!
—- @marcus_aurelius16



Maggie May Cosplay

I like to do cosplays of shows or movies that I have recently watched. I think the reason why is because my excitement for the show is still fresh in my mind and it really gets me motivated to work on a cosplay of it. With my Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay I saw they were making a new season and it look interesting, so I wanted to start with the original series’s first. A lot of the time I had Cardcaptor Sakura playing in the background while I worked on the cosplay, it helped keep me inspired as I worked!

Every piece of my costume except for the wig and shoes were made by hand. The Sealing Wand was the most challenging for me as I had never made any props before. The handle is made out of PVC pipe, the bottom gem is made of painted oven-baked clay, and the top head piece is made from sculpted Insulation foam dipped in Plaster of Paris and painted, then sprayed with a clear sealant. The cap was actually the most fun to make. It is made of cut up cereal boxes for the structure, and then I used a knit performance fabric and wrapped it around the cardboard.I used a lot of knit performance fabrics for the rest of the costume as well which gave it a clean and rich look.

I had an overwhelmingly positive response to this cosplay.I am relatively new to cosplaying so it was extremely uplifting to have so many people take interest in this cosplay in particular. I think why people enjoyed this one is because it is a battle outfit of hers that does not get done very often and it also has a fun nostalgic quality to it. It brought me so much joy to see people so excited and interested in my cosplay.

I think the most interesting thing that has ever happened to me while cosplaying was actually at ACen while I was wearing this cosplay. I had just gotten done taking a couple of pictures when I heard a girl hysterically screaming my characters name. This obviously caught my attention and I turned to look at her. She was sitting on the ground bowing and tearing up a bit. She then proceeded to asking if I would marry her, which definitely threw me off guard. Needless to say I did not marry her, but I did agree to a picture.

Cosplay has had such a positive impact on my life. When I was first in college I had no idea what direction to take my life and I think many can relate to that. I had so many interests such as acting, theater, travel, sewing, painting, and more . However I couldn’t find a way to focus and tie in all of my interests which caused me a lot of stress in college because I felt like I could only focus on one of these things while neglecting the others. I ended up dropping out of college and going to work full-time at a local fabric store where I met a co-worker turned friend who did cosplay. He motivated me to put my creative talents to the test and go to my first con, since then I haven’t looked back. Cosplay gave me an outlet for so many of my interests while also giving me a clearer path in life.As for now I have plans to go back to school and pursue a degree in apparel design, and someday, once my skills have improved more, I hope to start making custom cosplay for others and turn my passion into a business.

I hope that anyone out there who has a passion that isn’t necessarily deemed profitable, whether it’s cosplaying, professional gaming, creating art, writing, traveling, etc. that you have the courage to pursue it and make it and important and joy-giving part of your life!


Photo :



Kaylala Cosplay + Time Flash

KAYLALA COSPLAY : Thumbelina has always been one of my cosplay dreams! It was a special movie between me and my sister that we would watch to lift our spirits when we were down. We still watch it to this day even though we are well into our twenties! I love Thumbelina’s spunk, positive outlook and her dreams of true love conquering all. I had mentioned it to my friend James as sort of a joke because I thought he’d NEVER cosplay a fairy prince.. but when he posted it to his IG story and everyone responded his fate was sealed, haha! He had cosplayed Howl with me when I did Sophie for Howls Moving Castle so it was great to reunite our cosplay forces!

TIME FLASH : Well it was actually all my Thumbelina’s Kaylala Cosplayidea and essentially dream cosplay to do. After about a year of asking I finally agreed to do the cosplay with her

KAYLALA COSPLAY : My wig was so lovingly made by Liz from @royalenchantments on IG and on Etsy. She makes pretty much all my cosplay wigs and has been so kind and generous to support me! And I adore getting the opportunity to model her beautiful hair! My dress was made by @sirpandacat(IG), we decided together to add some special details like lace and a little flower detail on the front. My sister bought me my shoes. It was so nice to have her as a little part of the character we love so much!

TIME FLASH : The costume was commissioned by an Etsy costumer known by An Alternate Reality, we worked together to give the costume a little more flare by using patterned fabrics. The wings were provided by HelloFaerie and are probably my favorite piece of the costume entirely, and the wig was provided by Royal Enchantments Wigs.

KAYLALA COSPLAY : Thumbelina is an old Don Bluth movie that not everyone has seen. However the reaction was still amazing! People were brought to tears from the nostalgia and appreciated our tribute to this beloved magical movie. Most of the people that recognized us also knew all the beautiful songs to the movie and they would start singing “let me be your winggggsss” it was so sweet!!

TIME FLASH : People loved the cosplays, there was a lot of nostalgia and happiness in their faces. It was so great to see the reactions of everyone while we low-key struggled to make our way through the convention center.

The wings, as lovely as they are, are probably the deadliest accessories I’ve ever worn. Mostly joking of course, but with my height and with the size of the wings it was a constant game of cos-dodge as I weaved through the crowd. Luckily the only victims of my wingspan were my closer friends.

KAYLALA COSPLAY : Cosplay brought me out of a very dark place. I’ve never had so many friends or had so much fun in my entire life. I’ve always loved music and theatre and did musical theatre all through high school. Cosplay fills my void for music and magic. I cosplay a lot of princesses and kid friendly characters as well and nothing beats making a little one’s day when they see their favorite princess walk through the door. It’s just… THE BEST!!

TIME FLASH : Cosplay has flipped my life completely upside down in the best ways possible. My confidence is at an all time high, I believe I am capable of great things in this community and I know I am accepted among so many genuine and kind hearted others. It truly is the best experience ever to be surrounded by so many amazing individuals.

KAYLALA COSPLAY : I am so grateful to be able to cosplay.. Cosplay can cost a lot money and time and I am very lucky to have a kind soul like Liz let me wear her wigs. Her fiery soul and spirit help to fuel my own with each new Cosplay! … don’t ever let anything stop you from cosplaying. Cosplay is a beautiful, accepting, magical world where you can be whatever you want to be. It takes you on the most exciting adventures and brings your favorite characters to life.. if you haven’t tried it, YOU REALLY MUST!

TIME FLASH : Yes, this cosplay was a group effort among three companies and two cosplayers. They’re all so amazing and none of this would have been possible without them, so I encourage you to go give their accounts a look.

Thumbeina :
Prince Cornelius :

Photo ; @adamantium92 




I’m absolutely in love with Peggy Carter and watched the series live every Tuesday night when it was still running. I had also been wanting to get back into the cosplay scene for a while and figured it was perfect to go as one of my favorite Marvel characters!

The dress was made from royal blue Kona Cotton, machine sewed from the Simplicity 8050 pattern. The wrist cuffs weren’t in the pattern, so I just transferred them over from a men’s button-down shirt. I also got a wig, shoes, and the fedora is actually a replica of the one created for the series sold by Stetson. I think the most challenging part was that it featured some new things I hadn’t done in my sewing career before, but doing them has helped me improve my sewing so much.

People loved it! One of my favorite feelings is always having my character recognized at a con and being asked to take pictures. I think one of my favorite moments was going out onto the stage during the costume contest and hearing the audience cheer. It just felt so rewarding. The more surprising part is that the pictures of this cosplay exploded on tumblr. I still get notes for it constantly and people have been so nice on there. Someone even wants to renew Agent Carterwith me playing Peggy. Maybe it’ll happen one day ;)

The first time I cosplayed her, most people actually thought I was Carmen Sandiego. I went and bought a shield to carry around with me and people instantly knew who I was. It’s just funny how a small prop addition changed everyone’s perception of who I was.

I started cosplay in 10th grade after some friends got me into it. It’s actually gotten me into costuming, which is one of my current jobs and also became part of my major in college. It’s definitely made me a more creative person and has given me an avenue for learning things I probably otherwise wouldn’t have learned.

Cosplay who you want and don’t care about what you look like, how tall you are, or how much you weigh. People will still like it. Just ignore the haters.




Holy Grail Cosplay

I sometimes have people come to me and say “I wish I could do what you do.” And my response is always that you can! I’ve been costuming for upwards of 8 years, and honestly I wasn’t particularly good at it for at least the first half of it. Compared to a lot of people I’ve met, I was actually a very slow learner (and I still have a long way to go!). You just have to persevere. Cosplaying isn’t just a skill that you’re born with. Keep working and trying your best!

I had actually already made several costumes from Voltron when I heard that Lotor was going to be introduced as a character. Before I even saw the design, I knew I would want to cosplay him, so as soon as the season he was introduced in aired, I dove right into the design process! It was a challenging outfit, but very rewarding!

The outfit is a body suit and armor. For the patterning, I made a duct tape cast of my body and drew on the shapes to be transferred onto paper, then fabric or foam. My armor is made entirely of EVA foam that I covered in stretch vinyl. I prefer the fabric covering method for armor because it helps keep it sturdy and sleek without sacrificing flexibility like if you use something like worbla.

Overall, the response at conventions has been overwhelmingly positive! I love cosplaying characters with supporting roles because it opens up opportunities to get fun pictures with anyone who’s cosplaying the main characters. Lotor is one of my favorite costumes to take to conventions for that reason.

Actually, I do have a fun story from the first time I wore him to a convention. I was walking in one of the open areas at AWA when someone came up to me and asked me, you guessed it, if I would step on them for a picture. That started an entire line of people asking for pictures of me stepping on them. It was maybe 10 people in a row! I should have started charging.

Cosplay has been a HUGE impact on my life, especially over the last few years. No other hobby has allowed me to meet as many people and make SO many friends. Plus, it really is an art form! Cosplay has given me the opportunity to develop skills and create things that I can truly be proud of.

—- Holy Grail Cosplay

Photo :



Kevbot Cosplay

Cosplay has changed my life entirely and pretty much become the center of me as a person. I owe so much of the happiness and fulfillment in my life right now to cosplay to be honest. Not to get all emotional, but cosplay really came at a time in my life when I needed it. Life has it hardships and everyone deals with tough experiences and cosplay was there when I was feeling kind of lost. Cosplay became for me something I could really wholeheartedly just pour myself into and become truly passionate about without holding anything back. I picked myself up and dove right in and instantly fell in love with it and its become such an important part of my life now. Most of the happiest experiences in my life are connected in some way to cosplay. Every time I finish a new cosplay, I’m left with such a feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment, pride and happiness that I can’t wait to get started on a new one and keep trying my best. By going to different conventions, I’ve traveled and experienced new places that I might not have thought of visiting and made such amazing and lasting memories.

I have a friend that got me into Fate and when he found out that Fate/Apocrypha was getting animated he urged me to watch it saying that there was a character I would really like. Within a minute of seeing Astolfo on screen I fell in love with his character. His quirky and nonchalant personality coupled with his steadfast self pride were all traits that made him such a unique and great part of the story. Plus he’s just a really fun character in general. He lives life by his own rules and doesn’t let others stop him from doing what he likes. When asked why he dresses in a girlish manner (he is a trap character) he simply states that he likes cute things and wears them simply for that purpose regardless of what others thought of him. As someone who cosplays trap characters and does crossplay that was something I kind of admired and knew I had to cosplay him.

This cosplay took me about 5 months to complete and it was quite the process. First I started with the sword as I thought that was the easiest part. It is made up of a wood base and then all the details are done in rigid pvc sheet commonly known as sintra. Once all put together I used a wax based paint called rub and buff to get the metallic look. The sword itself actually breaks down into 3 separate pieces for travel using a threaded rod inside the handle. After that were the armor pieces including the bracers, gloves and hip armor. The bracers and hip pieces were made using sintra as well. The pieces were patterned details were added and then the shapes were achieved through heat forming the plastic. The gloves were made using black worbla. I used several layers of filler primer and glazing putting to get a really smooth finish, shiny finish. Then came the sewing, which was definitely the hardest part because I am by no means a talented seamstress haha. I definitely had to remake the tunic part during the process to get it to look right. One part I am really proud of though is the gold crest on the leather chest piece. I cut a stencil out by hand for that and was so nervous it wouldn’t look good but it ended up coming out perfectly!

During the crafting process I actually kept pushing the debut of the cosplay back a couple of times. I was supposed to take him to two other conventions that year but decided not to because I really didn’t want to rush it. The character meant alot to me and I wanted it to be perfect when I finally showed it off. I actually didn’t finish the cosplay until the night before leaving for the convention so I had not even tried on the cosplay in its entirety yet. I’ll never forget the first time I did though. The first time I saw myself in the mirror with the full cosplay on I literally started tearing up. Seeing all the hard work I had put into the costume finally coming to fruition and on top of that it being exactly how I wanted it to look, gave me such a feeling of joy and accomplishment and it was hard to contain all those feelings. I actually had to touch up parts of my make up before I could even go down to the convention.

Once I got down there, I was almost overwhelmed with all the people giving me so much praise and admiring the craftsmanship of the cosplay. I don’t think many things can top the feeling of showing off a new cosplay you poured your heart and soul into and having so many people admire your hard work at once.

One of the funniest things was people trying to determine whether or not I was a guy or girl. With it being a trap character, the character is meant to look very much like a girl but is in fact a guy. Alot of the times that leads to a majority of girls cosplaying that character rather than guys. In order to pull it off, I taught myself how to do feminine looking make up and spent two hours the day of applying it to get the look. I felt kind of proud because so many people legitimately thought I was a female at a glance. Once they found out I was a guy, the reactions were priceless. Some guys had this look of their mind just being blown due to them thinking I was a cute girl and then coming to the realization I was not. When girls found out, they would ask me if I did my own make up and some were even asking me for make up advice. I never thought I would have people asking me for make up advice.

Through cosplay I have met so many passionate and great people that have changed my life. If not for cosplay, I would not have met so many of the friends I have now and I am not sure where I would be right now without all these wonderful people in my life. I got all of this from just deciding to take a shot at cosplay and apply myself to it. Some people may see cosplay as just people dressing up in costumes and being nerdy but its so much more than that in my opinion. It has really been a life changing and defining experience for me and I do not regret it for a single moment.


Photo : ROXAS Studios



Downtown FX

The second I saw the first leaked clips and pictures of Ben Affleck in the suit I knew I had to make it. Batman has always been my favorite superhero and seeing a version of the Dark Knight Returns in full armor on the big screen completely blew me away

 So far I’ve made 3 different versions of the actual armor and 4 versions of the helmet. Each version of the costume was made using the Pepakura Designer software. The first version was made using files by Master Mod on YouTube. This version was made with cardboard which was originally going to be a full resin suit. The second and third versions were made using files by Aztlan. The second version was also made with cardboard. The third and final version was made out of eva foam. The first 2 helmets were both made of cardboard, both of which were oversized and extremely inaccurate. The 3rd version (my current one) was made of cardstock paper, strengthened with fiberglass resin, and smoothed and detailed with body filler. The fourth version is still in the works but its scaled smaller to fit better in proportion to the suit, and hopefully more lightweight.

Since Batman’s debut at MegaCon in 2017, I’ve received nothing but positive feedback and overwhelming support. The first hour and a half at MegaCon I was stuck at the entrance of the convention taking nonstop pictures and chatting up with fellow cosplayers on the process of making the suit! Since then every convention that I’ve brought this suit to has had almost the exact same response!

I started building helmets in my room one summer out of sheer boredom and curiosity. Since then its become my passion to build costumes and my dream is to start my own costume company. The impact that cosplay has had on my life is completely surreal. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. — 


 Photo :




ALL the people who have never seen Steven Universe thought I was Medusa. Which is funny because I don’t remember Medusa having so many hands 😂😂😂. Also many congoers tended to high five my extra hands make puns like “can I lend you a hand?” Or “I gotta hand it to ya.”

The Temple was a last resort for my cosplay lineup. I originally planned on making another cosplay but it was taking too long to finish. So I decided to start on an easier project, the Temple.

I tried to stick with any lightweight and cheap materials I could find. I couldn’t afford to buy a high quality wig so I decided to make one out of craft foam strips sewn together to a sleeping cap. The mask is also made out of craft foam. The arms are made of rolled up packing foam with wire from my clothes hangers to keep the arms up. I attached the wire pieces to a harness which was made with a frisbee along with elastic straps. I used grey tights from @welovecolors for my legs as well as all my arms. As for the cape, I used a long grey skirt I found at Goodwill and glitter glued some swirls on it.

Cosplay has impacted me in ways I never thought imaginable. A couple years ago, I was awful at socializing and tended to lose my confidence easily. I’ve always heard about comic conventions but I wasn’t interested in the idea of cosplaying. But when I heard that one of my favorite voice actors was coming to a convention near me, I thought that it was time that I’d try something new. Making my first cosplay was worth all the fun that I had while wearing it. From getting photo requests to meeting new friends, my confidence grew.


Photo :



Kurenai Kiba

After the first season of the new Voltron I fell in love. However as the seasons progressed I started leaning towards Witch Hagar the more I started to watch her personal story unfold. It was a couple of nights before NYCC and I went to a scape place where they sell anything and everything donated to them, including fabric. When I saw that gorgeous 5 yards of deep plum, I knew I could bust it out. 

Everything just sort of worked out for me in this. Lipstick was bought previously cause it was called outerspace. The long sleeve shirt was an old cardigan I bought for my Junko cosplay. The wig was previously made for me by Goby Geohaghan as an everyday wig. Contacts were previously bought in case I resurrect my Weeping Angel. Fabric was like 5 bucks at SCRAP BMore . Fangs were from American Gothic for my Gastly cosplay. I used a black skirt I messed up on at the bottom of the long rectangular dress. Its very simple shapes for actual construction so I had time to add big ass pockets. The gold details were just a type of spray paint. I made a stencil of the decoration on her cape and just went to town hours before I hopped on the bus to NYC. 

I got such a wonderful response! I get into the character when I cosplay so I lunge at people when they ask for a photo, I drift around as I walk. I went full creepy and people were down for it. There was heavy amount of Voltron cosplayers that year so we pretend fought in the middle of the con floor. You can’t beat experiences like that!

Costuming has always been apart of my life, my first was actually Scary Spice so I’m sure that dates me. Mom’s a seamstress, Dad’s a photographer they’re both nerds so there was no hope of me being normal. My mom surprised me on my 18th birthday with Katsucon. Seeing all the cosplayers there, realizing I could wear costumes outside of Halloween changed my life for the better. 

Listen, I’m a plus size, half West Indian, natural haired, black woman; I’m no stranger to prejudices. There have been many times where photographers would tell me I’m not accurate or I’m not their type and the reason is mainly my skintone. I’m not society’s standard of beauty and I love both that and myself. There aren’t many characters that look like me, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them. You will find that there are people in this world who want you to feel like your nothing and that you enjoying yourself is wrong. It’s a toxic mentality that unfortunately leads those, especially those of color, to not want to participate in this wonderful hobby. They’re everywhere including in the cosplay community. Thats why things like #blackcosplayerhere are so important and why we should talk about these things. We need to shed light on discrimination within our community so make it even better for the next generation and to show them that its not stopping us from cosplaying what we love.

— Kurenai Kiba

Photo : Colin Douglas Gray



Bri Rose + JLine

BRI ROSE : The idea for the Ariel and Eric statue duo came to me at three in the morning a couple years ago. I subconsciously drew a rough sketch that night and immediately drew a more detailed piece the next morning. I pulled up the scene from the film, took pictures of the statue at the Art of Animation Resort, and pulled up the Google 360 view of Ariel’s Grotto at the Tokyo Disney park for additional references.

The cosplays were comical but looked good. I wanted people to be surprised because it’s never been done before and to think that they were both creative. We got a bigger and better response than we could have thought of. Full grown men thought the cosplays looked realistic, little kids loved being able to touch the tail fabric and thought it was a real tail, and others just freaked out in general because they had never seen this duo idea done before. It really showed that all the hard work and long nights paid off.

Ariel’s costume is made from recycled metal wire, paper mache, duct tape, hot glue, recycled plastic tarp, a mod podge sand mixture, textured spray paint, and recycled plants. The wire frame of the rock is attached to a thrifted leather belt. The top is a flexible duct tape with the paper mache attached at the sides. The base of the rock is plastic stapled and hot glued to the bottom of the paper mache portion.

After the paintwork, I glued steamed moss to fill in cracks and add a sea plant texture along with the plastic plants. Her thing-a-ma-bobs were thrifted or came from home and were lightly coated with a rusted silver spray paint look. After they dried they were sewn to the plastic and glued for extra security. All of the shells on the cosplay came from Nokomis Beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The sparkly tail fits like a mini skirt with recycled dress fabric from a $1.80 Goodwill clothing article. The entire project was a trial and error process and used a lot of patience and proper manipulation of materials. Ariel’s entire cosplay cost under $30 to make!

Never have I ever made anyone look like stone for a cosplay before the Prince Eric statue. First I had to sew his prince outfit before adding stone texture and paint. His outfit was made from old grey fabric, maxi skirts, and grey sheets. JLine had to stand in my yard for 3 hours while I painted and textured his entire costume since I did not own a full-size mannequin. I bought a $1 wig from a local thrift store, cut it to JLine’s length, used pod podge, and a small tooth comb to style the hair in a solid form that resembled the statue.

JLINE : The statue was made under $30 worth of materials. Various grey clothing from thrift stores. Followed by spray paint on the clothes while standing in place. Then the makeup is dabbing acrylic paint on the face, and “splattering” droplets of various paints on the face with a wet brush.

BRI ROSE : Once the sand and mod podge mixture dried fully, I used the same stone texture spray paint to coat the wig to match the rest of the costume. The emblem he rests his foot on is made from leftover pieces of cheap craft foam hot glued to an old plastic retail sign display.

All of his accessories were coated with the same paint and sand mixtures. His face makeup was a gamble. I did not do a makeup test beforehand and did not look up any accurate stone makeup tutorials because his costume had a special stone look itself.

All the tutorials online had different textures and colors than what I needed. Luckily, his makeup worked on the first try and was created from Dollar Tree Halloween makeup in silver and white, and watered down acrylic paint in black and white. I coated his ears, neck, and face with a sponge in silver. The white was applied in a highlighting contour way to brighten his features. I mixed a small dab of black acrylic paint with the white face paint and used it with a sponge to highlight the eyebrows, cheekbones, and chin. The watered down acrylic paints came in last. I used small brush spurts of white and black sparingly where needed around his face to match the paint on the rest of the cosplay.

JLINE : Protect your skin when you’re spray painting yourself, even when wearing clothing. I had an allergic reaction to the spray paint on my hand and my shoulder. You guys should live and learn through my experience with the production of the costume. Good times though.

The response was quite overwhelming. Quite a variety of con goers stopped us for pictures! There were times when I was by myself, and people would mistake me for a real statue!

BRI ROSE : I guess you could say I have been cosplaying for years. My mom and I loved making random costumes of my favorite characters randomly throughout the year when I was younger. As I got older I started making them myself and wearing them to different conventions and theme park events. Cosplay also makes me feel close to my grandmother that passed away when I was six.

She never had the chance to teach me how to sew intricate details and large projects such as ball gowns, so I had to pick up those pieces and teach myself. Now, cosplaying is a hobby I love to do year round. I get to be creative, put my own spin on my favorite characters, and improve my skills by manipulating various materials in new ways. With every cosplay my costume making skills improve and I desire to create more.

JLINE : Cosplay has had such a great impact on my life! It has given me a reason to get out of the house more often, mostly because of the social and creative aspects to the environment.

ARIEL :  @brirose_cosplay

ERIC : @jlinecosplay



On The Go Cosplay

The most important part is that I didn’t do it alone, there was a huge team of about 20 people that helped me or put their hands on this kart in some way. The father of a high school friend, Mr. G, was INTEGRAL in helping me build the base of the kart with all my specifications. The giant wheels had to turn, I had to be able to assemble and disassemble it to fit in my actual car, and I had to be able to wear it and move with it.

Once that base was built, the next 2 weekends was me basically bribing my friends with food on Facebook (dinosaur chicken nuggets and lumpia goes A LONG WAY) and somehow tons of my friends came over to help paint, cut, glitterfy, and decorate. It was an incredible experience, but I had worked on it so much, and was still so new to cosplaying, that I had no idea what the response would be, I was just happy it was done.

I definitely connected with Vanellope from the first time I saw Wreck-It Ralph, but I knew that I wanted to stand out in a big way. The first time I cosplayed Vanellope for SDCC, I actually built the Lickety Split, which is the self-made kart that gets destroyed in the beginning of the movie. It wasn’t a huge cosplay, but it was fun and I knew I could handle an oversized prop at the con. The following year, I wanted to go all out in making the kart that Ralph helps her make - wheels that turned, all the crazy parts and decorations, and to make it larger than life.

I remember being so nervous the first time I brought this to SDCC. It was about 6 or 7 AM and I was walking from Seaport Village to the Convention Center, and there was this massive line waiting to get into the building. I knew I was just going to walk around to the front and get a sense of the area while waiting for friends, so I kept my head up and prepared for a lot of walking. I wasn’t expecting such an overwhelming, positive, awestruck response. I was taking pictures all morning, I didn’t stop. People were cheering, and gasping, and laughing. It visibly brightened people’s day, and the day had barely started. I ended up in so many cosplay articles, Snapchats, livestreams, Twitter feeds, everything. I was so shocked. It was the first time I had such a viral experience in my life. It was incredible, and I was so honored.

I probably have a million stories about congoers, and I’m so grateful for every experience I’ve had with the kart, but I think in the span of a weekend, I had 2 vastly different “King Candy” experiences. The first was someone who really had the voice and character down. I had to be in character around him as he was yelling at me, “You can’t race, glitches can’t race!” but it was in good fun and all, he was great. Later on in the con, I was parked in the Marriott lounge, exhausted, resting my shoulders, figuring out what to do next, when someone walks up to me, puts out his hand, and says, “Hey, I’m King Candy. This is amazing,” and I shake his hand but I barely register it, and I say, “Are you the real King Candy or are you kidding, a lot of guys have been yelling at me as King Candy this weekend.” and he laughs and he’s like, “I’m Alan Tudyk, I’m the voice of King Candy.” and I almost fall over asking him for a selfie.

Cosplay has impacted my life in so many ways. Dealing with depression growing up, it gave me an escape from being myself, and a community of like-minded nerds to connect with. I’m thankful for the amazing people I’ve gotten to meet and connect with at cons. Even though I cosplay for way different reasons now, and I’m doing way better mentally than when I first started, that love of connecting with people through nerdy things is still so strong. Sometimes people will ask me if I’m going to stop cosplaying the kart - I’ve been doing it for 3 (going on 4!) years now, it’s huge, it gets in the way, some people get tired of it, etc. The answer is probably, yeah. I’m waiting on new content from Wreck-It Ralph or even Kingdom Hearts 3 (FINALLY). But until then, I don’t want to stop. I love the magic the kart brings every year. There’s always new people who have never seen it, new experiences with different crowds. I love cosplaying her, and I love cosplaying her my way.

World, go out and cosplay whoever you want, whenever you want. Whether it’s still relevant, or if anyone knows who you are, or anything. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, do you, have fun, and take lots of pictures.

—- On the Go Cosplay



Lady Lo

Sailor Melanin was actually born from an Instagram post on my personal account. I decided to wear two puffs in my hair to work, some glittery makeup and wood moon earrings. I took a picture and captioned it "Sailor Melanin". My friend was like, "ooh. That would be a cute cosplay!" I agreed, but didn't think about it until I was in Joanns and walked past some kente fabric.

I bought a body suit from Capezios and made the skirt and collar from fabric I bought from JoAnns. I actually struggled a bit because I tried to use a pattern I bought...and it was waaaaaay undersized. Numbers lie.

I was super surprised by the response at the con. It went over way better than I thought. I had never been stopped for so many pictures! People told me they were inspired by me, and I was shocked. I inspire people? That was a crazy thought to me. I just thought it would be great to present the idea that there are black girls who grow up with magical girl dreams too. 

I met my best friends through cosplay. I am relaxed and most at peace when sewing a cosplay. Cosplay brings my family together. I found confidence I didn't know I had, pride that was dormant and a way to physically advocate the things that matter to me.

I don't care who you are, cosplay is for everybody and EVERY BODY. Never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable just to meet a standard. Cosplay the characters you love because you love them:) 




One Kick Nick

I’m fairly new to anime, and even though I’ve been going to conventions since 2003, I wanted to get more involved in what people were talking about, I binge watched anything I could get my hands on (Cowboy BebopOne Punch Man). Including My Hero Academia, in which I immediately fell in love with All Might, his personality and how is always looks for the good in situations to motivate society, and knew I absolutely had to cosplay him!

The first thing I had to get down was his size, I’m about 6'5" 210 pounds, where all might it’s 7'2" 500, so I immediately started by commissioning a muscle suit, once the muscle suit was in, I took measurements and ordered the base suit from @brandonogilberto (IG) and @zentizone (IG). From there I 3D designed printed the belt buckle and made the belt and cuffs out of pleather and foam, following by getting boot inserts to make me about six foot 9/10ish, then browline and jawline Prosthetics from and finished it off with a Arda wig that I made and contacts from @uniqso (IG).

The response was honestly amazing, I was so happy that people enjoyed my cosplay and it was funny seeing the pictures after of how large I actually was next to people. The only downside is that it’s an airtight suit on top of about 4 inches of foam, and considering it was summer in Atlanta I had to take plenty of breaks and drink lots of water. (Stay Hydrated!!!)

My favorite part was getting to see people’s reactions when I walked by them just because of the size of the cosplay, some of them were like wow and some of them got scared lol, also the amount of my hero characters that wanted to be picked up by all might, Picking up deku’s was adorable!

I’ve been in the military for 10 years now and I always believe it’s healthy to have separate groups of friends outside of the workplace, when I finally started to meet people in the community I immediately fell in love with them and now I have hundreds of friends from all of the world because of this Hobby, and I love all of them with all of my heart ❤️. I have a huge passion for PC gaming am starting to Twitch stream more if anyone wants to see me be a dweeb it’s 😅🌚.


All Might :
Uraraka : Frailu Cosplay
Deka :
Photo : Wreck’d Studios



Wizards of Cos

A very talented friend of ours, @vixxenfx (IG), has been a huge fan of Jeff Goldblum since she was a kid. Once we discovered that he would be at Megacon, she had the idea of doing the Earth Girls Are Easy cosplay. Each person was responsible for their own specific design, but we wanted to stay within a generalized 80s theme. We decided that wearing full body fur during a Florida summer would be insane, so we opted for body paint instead, and added fur embellishments. Since we were doing the female version of the aliens, and in the movie you only get to see the male version, we definitely felt that we had room to explore the design. Because the movie is so classic 1980s, we each chose a different iconic 80s trend and built from that (blue=valley girl, red=Suzanne Sommers unitard, yellow=punk).

@Vixxenfx (IG) designed and built the helmets and belts so we would all be symmetrical for those iconic pieces, but the rest of the costume was up to each individual person to design.

We were quite surprised at the level of response we got! We were proud of our finished product, but being that the movie is 30 years old and we dramatically changed the overall appearance of the characters, we weren't expecting a lot of recognition. However, people were coming up to us all day, commenting on the costumes and recognizing who we were portraying. It was a very happy surprise!

You always want more time with these celebrities, but you rarely get it... We were being shoved thru the line so fast that we didn't even have time to have a 5 second conversation, but I was watching Jeff's face when 'Mac', the blue alien, walked up for him to sign her helmet. First, he did a double take, then the biggest smile broke out on his face. You could see that it took him a second, but then the realization hit and he knew exactly what cosplay we were doing. It was most excellent !

We've been dressing up for as long as we can remember! As a kid, it's acceptable, but once you hit a certain age people start looking down their nose a little at you. Eventually you either cave to the pressure, or you ignore those judgy stares and just do what makes you happy. And nothing makes us happier than when we get to use our creativity to build our costumes and wear them proudly! We absolutely love costuming, and we also love that we have evolved into a group of people who share the same obsession! We bounce ideas off of each other, brainstorm on the best techniques, and work together to get a finished product that we can take pride in.

---- Wizards of Cos

BLUE: Vixen FX Cosplay
RED: The KSCosplay
YELLOW: @fairyterri (FB)



Haute Cosplay

I was suppose to originally go to Momocon, and Capcom was going to be there. I’m a big fan of Street Fighter, and I’ve cosplayed everyone from Chun Li, Laura, and Laura. I chose to do Cammy Bison because I fell love with the action figure awhile back.

I used a hat hack on doing her general’s hat. I made a pvc vinyl hat cover and slipped it over the hat. I used the same pvc fabric to create zipperdetail in front of my jumpsuit. The armor is a combination of worbla thermoplastic and eva foam. I decided to go brunette instead of Cammy’s classic blond to lean towards Bison.

I do Street Fighter cosplays all the time. Many of people gave me compliments and took photos with me. I have to admit I felt badass, when I put the whole look together. Most people were just referring me as Lady Bison when in reality I’m Cammy turned to dark side. Then this 10 year old boy saw me and was like omg it’s Evil Cammy lol. He was completely correct. 

I felt like an outsider all my life. Cosplay help me find people who I can relate to and share my artistic creativity with. I’m so grateful for cosplay and all the wonderful experiences I’ve enjoyed.

I want people to know that there are different segments of cosplay, and there’s a place for everyone. I entered cosplay, because I like to make costumes; however, it doesn’t mean you have to make your cosplay to be considered a cosplayer. All it takes is you putting your costume on, respecting others, and having a great time.

—- Haute Cosplay

Photo :



Abe Duenas

My daughter has always wanted to cosplay as Empire Strikes Back Leia and I have always loved the tauntaun, I recently saw Clint Case (another father who makes outfits for his kid) build a tauntaun and that inspired me to build our Leia themed tauntaun. He comes with a baby wampa riding along and a porg stow away

The main shape of the tauntaun is held together by a wire frame that is welded together. The hide began a s a plain white fur fabric. To get the pattern for thIs fur I used a method I saw Kamui Cosplay use when she builds her body armor. I duct taped the wire frame and with a sharpie divided it into sections that I knew I could sew. I later hand painted with a fan shaped brush the entire hide. I have to stress that hand painting it gave it that natural look. The head and paws where sculpted using paper mache and since the front was top heavy, I had to counter balance the tail by hot gluing a water bottle to it and adding water until it was balanced. I painted the head busing a reference photo from the film. The saddle is made from leather and the sheep lining I used is from a jacket I bought at goodwill. The stirrups are eva foam. Her feet are also EVA foam and I glued her shoes to a footprint of a tauntaun and covered them in fur and added some EVA foam claws. My daughter made the teeth all on her own out of polymer clay. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better response at the Con. Attendees at them expect to see different outfits and I think we gave them what they wanted. Every where she went people smiled, laughed and pointed to others to checkout the tauntaun. People of all ages asked to take their photo with her. Once she stopped to take a photo with one person a line would always form for more photos. 

Well this is the first outfit like this we have ever done. The tauntaun has a wide reach and his tail curves inward and up so it is a bit awkward to to maneuver around in. Especially when you are a kid and see something exciting you turn quickly and forget to make sure no one is around. So people were getting hooked all day by her tail and one person was even goosed but when they see what got em they couldn’t help but smile. 

I don’t think I would have ever gotten into cosplay had it not been for my daughter. We always do stuff together and this was just was just something else we could do. It really is a family effort when we attend a con, I focus on the outfit and making it easy to remove when she needs a break. Most of her cosplay involves a suit, she has been Rocket twice, Darth Vader and even Gorn, so we monitor how much time she stays in them. My wife takes care of the logistics side of our con trips by keep us hydrated fixing hair and any other thing to keep the trip enjoyable. I think it has brought us together as a family and working as a team always yields great benefits.

Cosplaying is a great way to spend time with your kids, it teaches them teamwork, math, problem solving and how to interact with others. I would rather do this than be a pageant parent. 


Photo :



Nick Phillips

My character is Gaius from the game “Shadow of the Colossus”. I love everything about this game, definitely in my top 10. This game also has sentimental value to me, my sister watched me play through this entire game when it came out originally on the PS2 back in 2005. She passed in 2010. We both had mutual love for video games, but this one is really special to me. This is the first costume of many I plan to make from this game, my goal on Patreonis to make as many of the Colossi as realistically as possible.

The original build spanned over two years, I don’t work fast, but the first year was mainly sourcing material and finding ways to do things as cheaply as possible. Making cosplays as cheaply as possible while still retaining quality is always a struggle.

The original frame was made of aluminum, but it was too thin so for the second build phase I replaced the main harness with PVC which made it much more stable. The very first thing I made was the head, I knew if I could make the head look good, no matter how difficult it was at times, I can make the rest of it. I used roughly 100 pounds of glue… jk, it was a lot, I really don’t want to know how much.

Most of the rock surface is made from EVA foam, blue/pink insulation boards, and spray foam, all hand and tool carved and coated with Styrospray1000. I used mostly Acrylic based paints and just tried to match the grainy close up reference picture colors as best I could. I wired all the lights, there is even a weak point on the top of the head that lights up and speakers with Bluetooth in the chest.

I purchased Painter’s stilts from a Chinese website for $50.00, I got really lucky because a week later I tried to buy more and they had increased the price to $110.00. The construction/fixing time spent on this guy is well over 500 hours and I can’t wait to start on the next one.

The response is always so mixed at conventions, but the one thing that always happens is a mob of people wanting to get a picture, and I am happy to oblige. I have been asked if I was a Giant Robot Gorilla, that was funny, from a young kid about 10. I have been asked if I was a Furby by enough people to mention it here. There are really good times, like when people ask for hugs and I don’t accidentally hit them with my sword, then there are bad times like when I have to tell people that I have to get out of the costume before I die. lol. I can only stay in costume for around an hour before I get fatigue. I love watching peoples reactions from my birds eye view, makes my inner god-complex happy… jk jk.

The most interesting part of going to cons for me is meeting other creators and sharing knowledge. I made some friendships this year at Animazement(convention in North Carolina) that will last a long time.

Creating is my Life. My home life isn’t the best it can be right now, But having people admire my work gives me the boost i need to keep going. This is dedicated for my wife who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic defect that affects the connective tissue in the body. It affects everything from brain/nerve function to vascular and digestive systems. For more info on this you can look here.


Photo : BTranPhotography



Aeris Goddess of Chaosplay

I've always loved Satsuki as a character from Kill La Kill. She's a bad bitch. I love how powerful and strong she is. So I immediately wanted to cosplay her. Colossalcon seemed like the perfect con to cosplay such a revealing outfit. I think I would have gotten a little more flack if I wore it to other, less swim-suit-y cons.

The armor parts were made out of eva foam, contact cement, paint, and a lot of crying into the void. The fabric parts were commissioned from my friend, Knitsune Cosplay . The armor, I cut and assembled, myself, but @Dannysfinalcosplay  helped me with the initial design and gave me a lot of advice during construction.

It went over really well at Colossalcon ! A revealing cosplay like this can get a lot of hate, even if it is accurate to the source material. I initially did a scheduled shoot with her, but once I got into the water park area, I got a lot of positive response to the cosplay. I felt a little overwhelmed with how many people asked for my photo actually. But I was really happy with how well received it was.

Cosplay has really helped me come out of my shell. I feel like I can really express myself and be my real self in the community. And the confidence has spread to other areas of my life.

Right now I'm actually on a little break from cosplay. I had an emergency surgery recently, but I'm hoping to make a full recovery soon. I'll still be posting older content and content from ColossalCon as it comes back. I hope to have a new cosplay done by August, but I know I might not make that quota. Please check out my instagram for more updates!

--- Aeris: Goddess of Chaosplay and Discord

Photo :