I've had Kill La Kill on my cosplans for a while but never really got around to it. I've come across a lot of sailor moon/kill la kill crossover fan art over the past couple of years and finally decided to just go with it for NYCC. It was super challenging but fun! I went with the Super Sailor Moon since that's probably my favorite out of all the Sailor Moon Uniforms! The response was super great at NYCC and got WAY more attention than I expected. A lot of people went crazy for it, even though a lot thought it was a crossover of Satsuki instead of Ryuko because of the blue and white lol. Overall, it was slightly overwhelming, but fun! I've never worn a costume this extreme before so it was definitely an experience!

The costume making process was slightly stressful and challenging since there really isn't existing patterns for this type of clothing other than the pleated skirt. I also don't own a serger, so sewing nylon spandex with my regular sewing machine was a pain! This was also my first time dealing with foam work, which my boyfriend helped a great deal with. We live in a smallish apartment outside NYC, so there were a lot of nights we had to open all windows and wear face masks the majority of the night to get the work done lol.

Overall between the other cosplays and our demanding work life, we were able to get this cosplay done in about two weeks! For the fan experience, honestly is hard to pinpoint because so many people loved the costume! A lot just saw Sailor Moon and didn't necessarily know who the crossover was, but it wasn't a big deal. I'd probably say my favorite experience was running into a Ryuko who handmade her Senketsu (non-synchronize) and scissor blade. I didn't see too many KLK characters there so I got really excited to run into another who was as devoted to the show.

-- TechniiPuff Cosplay (New Jersey)