Photo :   Jonathan Modest   / Banner photo : Justin Santiago

Photo :  Jonathan Modest  / Banner photo : Justin Santiago

My inspiration to cosplay Luke Skywalker was the new film, The Force Awakens. It blew me away and that moment when Luke appeared, I felt complete in that moment. The first words out of my mouth after the movie were, "I'm going to be Luke Skywalker for Comic Con".

Because Luke Skywalker is only in the film for a few moments, I scoured the Internet for any photo I could find. I quickly realized I would need lots of help to pull something like this off. The wonderful team at HeroHair made the screen accurate beard and wig while Saint's Customs built the upper robes. I'm lucky enough to be dating an amazing woman who is not only supportive of my geekiness, but is incredibly talented as well. Megyn Florence made my belt, pants, wraps, and boots for this cosplay. I have spent my time modifying an old toy terminator hand into Luke's mecho arm and practicing "pensive old Jedi expressions" since last December.

The response has been overwhelming. I had the pleasure of meeting so many great people that took so many wonderful photos. I would say that the kids were the best. The looks on their faces were priceless. It made all this worth it. I just felt bad when I couldn't accommodate everyone that wanted one. I either had to be somewhere or wasn't "cosplay ready". It also feels really weird waking up and finding out your picture is spreading across the web.

I've always been that guy who goes overboard on Halloween. NYCC2014 was my first con and when I found out what cosplay was, I dove in head first with a Jon Snow cosplay. It wasn't bad, but also could have been better. I may revisit that one day! Well, I just happened to be cooking at a bar that did a Star Trek Sunday each week and that is where I met the HeroHair founders. We bonded quickly over our mutual love of Science Fiction so it was a no brainer getting them involved. They are the best in the biz.

-- Robert Kutruff (Brooklyn, NY)