I am a 27-year old Baltimore-based cosplayer who is pure nerd and cat obsessed. I ride horses and love to read and watch movies. The cosplay thing was extremely unexpected. When I was in elementary school my mom battled a serious cancer and I became friends with my bus driver at the time. I began collecting school buses and have over 500 models displayed in my home. She is still one of the most important people in my life.  So when I was invited to Otakon in 2011 I thought…why not dress up? Ms. Frizzle was an obvious first choice for me and I made version 1.0 out of a store bought dress with paper iron on stars and moons and a Lucille ball wig. I was definitely new at this!

The response was so unexpected and positive that I decided to make another costume… then another…My specialty has become redheads and things-from-the-90s-that-you-probably-forgot-about. Some of my notable costumes include Slave Leia, Oola and Dr. Beverly Crusher. However, I am always improving on my Frizzle cosplay. I have redone the dress twice and continued to find better wigs and other accessories.

Recently I decided to take a huge step and create Frizzle’s space suit as seen in the pilot episode. I had never worked with half the stuff needed but through trial and error and tears I was able to put it together. The body suit is refurbished pajamas with patches sewn on and the helmet is a modified light bulb cover. I made the oxygen pack out of boat bumpers, foam, and cardboard. I was so nervous that no one would get the reference but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Space-suit Frizz has trumped Oola and original Frizz as my most popular cosplay to date. It went viral and I am extremely flattered. I may have found my niche and look forward to continuing to create Ms. Frizzle variants. Some of my planned costumes for 2017 include Gabrielle from Xena and Catwoman. If you ever see me at a convention please come up and say hi!

-- Karen Cosplays (Baltimore, MD)