When I first decided to go, I knew I wanted to cosplay but, of course, as a first-timer, I had no idea what to do. I was part of a large group going. Most of them wanted to develop extensive cosplay costumes. However, since they were all new, many of their ideas proved to be problematic. I saw a post on one of my favorite websites, 9GAG, of this girl who brought tools to repair people's cosplays. Being a person who always loves to help others, I was immediately attracted to this idea. I built my own take on the idea. Now, I have what I believe to be an impressive set-up and a good amount of experience.

The best part of being Cosplay Repairs is the large number of awesome cosplayers I get to meet. I've made many great friends at con. I love the community. For me, the joy comes from seeing the relief and gratitude of the people I help--especially when I see them later in the day and learn that my repair has held up. Some of the most fun are the reactions people have to what I do. Many of the people who come to me are frustrated or despondent because their cosplay was damaged so whenever I come along with whatever amount of tape, glue, or creativity I have, seeing them light up is incredible. Many of them are so grateful and appreciative. They often don't believe that I actually have something to help them. I've made many friends because we end up spending time together as I fix them. People often take pictures with me. One of the most amusing things I've picked up are the nicknames-- like "Cosplay Jesus," "Cosplay Saint," "The Real MVP," or, my personal favorite "The Hero We Need." I respond to all of these with a laugh and gratitude. 

Currently, I'm looking for a studio to hire or sponsor me. I love hearing from the community so any amount of advice or commentary is certainly appreciated!

-- Steffanie Urbano