Well for Sailor Moon, it was a friend's idea. At first it started as a little joke between us. She would be Tuxedo Mask and I'd be Sailor Moon. I had gotten the idea from a photo I saw of the real Ladybeard. Which there are quite a few people who haven't heard of him, he's a Australian crossdressing wrestler that was also in the Jpop/metal group, Ladybaby. The response at the convention surprised me, I was being stopped left and right for photos and people that just wanted to hug me. I totally loved it for my first time cosplaying at a convention.

I had first discovered cosplay through a friend of mine. It was shortly after Naruto came out. He was one of the members of the Akastuki, can't remember who. And I ended up being Itachi. At the time it was nothing too big for me. The second time I was Light Yagami from Death Note. To me cosplay means that I can be anyone that I ever wanted. Just like growing up and wanting to be a power ranger, or a super hero. I get to feel what it's like to be that specific character. Through cosplay I've learned to be more comfortable about myself, never did I ever think I'd be running around in a skirt in public lol. And the cosplayers I have met are so welcoming. It's such a warm feeling to not be judged, with the way society is currently.

-- Lady Beard of Texas