Photo :  Jason Laboy

Photo : Jason Laboy

Monty Jack almost didn't happen to be honest. My partner, Volixen, & I were debating which of our cosplays we should wear to Big Apple Con last year. We both had our Pokemon cosplays ready to go (Blastoise & Vaporeon), but the venue seemed a little too small for me at least, with my Blastoise's cannons being a little unwieldy at times. So we had Monty Jack & Gadget on our cosplay To-Do list as an "easier" cosplay to do, since unlike most of our other cosplays, it didn't require armor. Volixen had always wanted to do Gadget, and I felt that Monty would've been perfect for me, since I enjoy cosplaying lesser known/recognized characters.

The process behind Monty Jack was relatively simple & straightforward, the only real crafting we had to do was to make an aviator hat with the mouse ears already attached, a rat tail, and a Rescue Rangers logo for the jacket, everything else was store-bought -- Amazon Prime FTW! The prop cheese was actually an official cheesehead straight from Green Bay!

The response at the con was great for me, lots of folks did that thing where they pretend not to stare while trying to figure out who I am, and once they saw the Rescue Rangers logo it clicked for them. Lots of folks were really hit with nostalgia when they realized who we were. The best part was at the costume competition where Volixen & I finished with second place! Getting cheers on stage and being recognized by fans is definitely a great part of cosplaying, but I love the process of becoming a character that I like or can relate to. I enjoy learning new techniques and working with different new materials and learning skills that won't just help me with crafting but in real life as well. However, it does feel really great when I'm recognized by people, especially kids!

-- NTG Cosplay