As you know, my pseudonym is Alizarin Crimson online, but my real name is Kristin Speerschneider (and I recently got married it's still weird for me to say my new last name haha). I got the idea for a Cosplay Medic earlier this year when I saw pictures circulating around of a gentleman in almost what looked like military gear but instead of weapons and ammo, he was filled with sewing and repair kit items. A few of my friends shared the picture to my wall because they all know I went to school and graduated with a bachelors degree in fashion design. As I haven't had a lot of time to do any design work outside a few things for my company Crimson Star Emporium, I felt creating my own take on the cosplay medic would let me at least make use of my skills and help out people at conventions.

I decided on the design as more of a Lolita nurse because I wanted to make something cute, yet functional. Since I was a medic, why not dress like a nurse? I soon saw many others take on the military approach, but I felt that wouldn't fit my personal style. My first test run was Anime Central this year (2016) but as I had no signage, nobody knew what I was or what I could do, except for a few friends who knew what I was doing from Facebook posts. Anime Expo this year (2016), however, changed that. I was able to carry around a sign, and I'm pretty sure I helped around 30 people. I even had people message me on my Facebook and meet them somewhere to help fix! I think my favorite request was also the strangest request that weekend, which was I had to draw the symbol from Fairy Tale on a man's bare chest. It was pretty amusing.

I carry a variety of things in my bag. Depending on if it is a local con, vs a long traveling con, will determine what I carry. I have a general sewing kit which includes needles, I think 20 colors or more of thread, safety pins, regular pins, and fray check. I also have three kinds of glue (craft glue, super glue, and sometimes a glue gun if I have a chance). Sharpies, pens, duct tape, a battery pack, and other various odds and ends fill my bag as well. It's still a work in progress as far as I'm concerned.

Responses at conventions have actually been very positive. I've gotten all kinds of responses from the "you're amazing" to "you're doing gods work". Sometimes it's the little things I can brighten someone's day.

Also, as a side note, I am in the process of starting a specialty fabric and craft store specifically catering and to cosplay, costuming in general, bridal, and alternative design in the Green Bay area. The goal is to launch sometime in 2017.

-- Alizarin Crimson (Green Bay, WI)