Gadget from Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers

My heart leaped at each squeal and power ballad of the Rescue Rangers Theme song. I was always drawn to female roles which displayed a sense of power over gender limitations. Gadget was a last minute decision. When I constructed her as a cosplay those around me had no clue to who I was. They only saw an odd but cute mouse. With a big grin on my face I said, well at least I'll feel like a badass.

This classic reinvented a nostalgic memory of easy Saturday mornings, before being forced out of Neverland and becoming an adult. I'm not very talented in the basics of constructing props, it was my first go. I actually used probably the worst materials possible. The middle of my wrench was the wooden frame of a broken mirror. I hinged them together, placing layers of wall plaster over. After sanding to the internal shape I fashioned the top and rounded bottom of the wrench from cardboard, again generously applying wall plaster. Hours of sanding, metallic spray paint and foam letters completed the look. I must admit I was ecstatic with the results, although the weight gave me a large bruise on my arm for a few weeks. It only added to the empowerment since I was firm on being independent and lugging it around by myself all day.

-- Mae Blake (Arlington, TX)