Anna Frozen Iron Man Elsa Captain America

I initially came up with the idea of a crossover between Iron Man and Anna in Frozen while I was just sketching some costume designs for fun. I originally just wanted to design a Iron Man ballgown, but while I was sketching I realized that the structure of Anna's coronation gown lent itself well to the red and gold geometric design of the Iron Man suit. So I thought, wouldn't it even be more fun to do a crossover?

The process of making the costume was a slow one -- I had a design, but no real idea of how much time it would take since this was my first time sewing a ballgown. (Turns out, it took somewhere around 200 hours!) I used Simplicity Pattern 1215 for both the bodice and the skirt, mostly modifying the bodice design to be able to hold the arc reactor in place.

The hardest part was definitely figuring out how to make the arc reactor. I looked up a lot of tutorials but most of them required tools I didn't have, but they gave me the idea of using a led push light as a base. From there, I used thin sheets of plastic, wire, and key rings to make the arc reactor design on top of the light. I was winging it, and I was very skeptical that it would work at every step of the way. In the end, the push light was a little heavy and I wasn't sure if my dress would hold it up, but I sewed a pocket into my corset top to hold it and to my surprise, it worked!

I've worn "Iron Anna" twice at NYCC now, once on my own and once with Kita Rita Cosplay as the "Captain Elsa" to my Anna. The response was incredible both times, though I think having Elsa there makes it much easier to tell that it's a Frozen crossover and not just a Iron Man ballgown. I've gotten a lot of "Iron Maiden!" reactions, which is a funny pun, so I'm 100% okay with that. Some of my favorite interactions though are with kids, since they can always tell that I'm Anna no matter what and just want a picture with their Disney princess. Perhaps the best interaction to date was having a little girl dressed as a Harley Quinn / Elsa crossover come up to take a picture with us!

-- Jacklyn Black

Jacklyn made her costume first, in time for NYCC 2015. I was inspired by her Iron Man Anna to create a counterpart, Captain America Elsa to wear at NYCC 2016. For the costume itself, I colored over a picture of Elsa's real costume until I was satisfied with the way it looked. The part that needed the most modification was the bodice. In the original pattern, it was completely solid, with embroidery, but for mine, I needed to basically cut it in half so that I could add the stripes on the bottom. All of it was hand embroidered, which took the bulk of my time. I estimate I probably spent about 200 hours on the embroidery alone. It was worth it and I'm completely satisfied with the way it turned out.

The response at the con was all I could hope for. We couldn't ever walk very far before someone asked for a photo. We got a lot of double takes. 'Oh that's a cool costume...WOAH! That's an awesome crossover!' My favorite interactions were with the kids we encountered. One little girl who took a picture with us was wearing her own crossover, Elsa and Harley Quinn. She was adorable.

I started cosplaying about 4 years ago, but I've always been really into Halloween costumes. My first costume that I didn't make for Halloween was the TARDIS. I had just binge watched all of New Who on Netflix and spontaneously decided I want a TARDIS dress. I wore it to NYCC 2013, which was my first convention, and my cosplay adventures took off from there. Since then, I've expanded my costume closet, so to speak, with plans to do more.

-- Kita Rita Cosplay