Like most people I immediately joined in on the meme of Ken Bone after the 2nd Presidential Debate. About 2 weeks before the convention I had an idea of dressing up as him. It wasn't until the night before that I got the sweater in the mail so it almost didn't happen. Fortunately for me it was a very easy outfit to put together since I already owned the shirt and khakis. The only hurdles were getting the exact sweater he has and finding a disposable camera. I could not find the sweater in any department store and all Amazon listings were on back order until December. I was lucky to find the perfect on an ebay listing. The shipping was a fiasco on its own. For some reason it was mailed from Michigan to Maine and held there for 2 days before it was mailed to Los Angeles the day before the convention.

Every one really enjoyed it. I had lots of people laugh when they saw me. Lots of people asked for photos say they loved my costume.  I had a guard mistake me for Mr. Rogers. I had a little girl ask me if I was from Toy Story, I told her yes so I wouldn't get her hopes up and she asked to get a photo. While I was on the train going to the con I ran into a group of 6 people wearing shark costumes and 2 people wearing unicorn costumes that screamed "OH MY GOD ITS KEN BONE!" when they saw me. That was the biggest reaction I got from it

- Juan