Photo :  Michael Hsb

Photo : Michael Hsb

Well I picked Mystique cause 1) love her and 2) it was gonna be a cool makeup challenge. Making it was tough and I totally had my mom sew me in to the thing and help glue on the sequins. I used an army costume from Ebay and a cheapo body suit from Amazon. We just cut off the extra and sewed the uniform on top of the blue. The sequins helped cover up all the seams. I also used two wigs and sewed those things together (so tough!!!) and sprayed the mystique hair bright red.

I've been going to NYCC for the past 7 years but only started cosplaying last year. It took about 2 hours to get everything done [into the costume in the morning]. Needed help getting the wig on and fastening lots of safety pins

The response at the convention was super positive. Everyone (even a lot of artists and vendors) loved seeing a different type of transformation. My favorite moment was getting to see Adam Savage!  But a close second was meeting a girl who liked my costume and helped me safety pin the back cause a piece was coming off. Everyone at NYCC is always so nice and helpful.

- Rebecca Lindsay (New Jersey)

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