( source :  Otis Espinal  )

( source : Otis Espinal )

Like the entire world I, too, love Stranger Things. I definitely knew I wanted to cosplay as a character from the show but I wanted to elevate it. Seeing such amazing and creative Stranger Things cosplays before made me want to up the ante. So I thought, hey, why not recreate her madness in its entirety with the wall and everything?

Once I had the supplies it actually only took two days to finish. The clothing itself was easy to find, the hard part was figuring out how to strap the fake wall to my back. I got a science project display board, covered it in fancy paper to make it look like a wall then attached a small cardboard box to the lower half. I weaved wire through the box into the green jacket so I could put on the background almost like a backpack. I had to get a little Dexter's Lab with it, but I'm happy with the result.

Everyone was SO NICE [at NYCC] ! Seriously, the reaction was the best thing about the entire experience. I couldn't walk more than two feet without getting stopped for a picture. Everyone was incredibly sweet and kind and just reminded me of why I started cosplaying in the first place. I think my favorite interaction was with this guy dressed as the actual wall from Stranger Things. He was amazing and I got to yell at his shirt, "Talk to me, Will!" which was perfect.

I actually am pretty new to cosplay. I've done some smaller cosplays here and there but didn't really start to get involved until this past Anime Expo where I cosplayed Jake Martinez from Tiger and Bunny. That was my first all out of cosplay. I was inspired by my best friend Phoebe who is a wonderful cosplayer! She made me want to pursue the fun and challenge of making a costume from scratch.

From cosplay I've learned that my back is a lot stronger and can carry a fake wall for a lot longer than expected ! Cosplay has shown me that I love to push myself to think outside the box and attempt to make something that I've never seen made before. Just being able to talk to other cosplayers and learn from them as well as just bond with other fans has been such a great treat that motivates me to keep cosplaying.

-- Yalda (New York City)