Wonder Woman

At the third con I attended a little girl ran up to me so excited and almost in tears. She said "Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman! You're brown like me!" Her parents took a picture of the two of us together and thanked me for showing her daughter that she could be any character that she chose to be. I've never been so humbled and proud at the same time. It was a strange and amazing juxtaposition that I will never forget.

Cosplay means coming out of my shell and being a part of a community that allows me to be who I want to be on any particular day at any particular time without reservation or judgement. I have the freedom to reimagine characters and express myself in ways that wouldn't necessarily be accepted outside of these confines.

My husband got into the idea of cosplay about a year ago, because he wanted to create a unique Batman costume and thought it would be fun for me to have a complimentary costume to wear with him. He asked me how I felt about joining him on his journey and was shocked that I was so into the idea. The thought of getting dressed up as characters and not having to wait for the one day if the year that society in general deems it acceptable was intriguing to me.

I began learning how to sew last year, and although I look forward to creating my costumes by hand in the future, my skill set hasn't caught up with my ambitions yet. The fun in creating my first costume was the hunt to find items that I felt were representative of how I felt as a character and what I wanted to convey. I love the fact that so many people can put their own spin on the same characters and they end up being completely different.

- MJ Cosplay