Baypool (Baymax + Deadpool)

I have always been a fan of both Deadpool and Baymax, as well as Halloween. I generally go overboard with my Halloween Costumes. So this seems obvious especially after I saw fan art of Baypool. Everything just clicked.

Making the suit was an easy process, the difficult part was finding the correct base suit, then it was making the modification and finding the correct fabric paints. There was the challenge to find a way of attaching the belt system and sword sheaths or holder. As I really did not want to try and sew it to the suit in fear that it would damage the suit and mess with the integrity of the structure.

It was amazing, I mean as soon as it was inflated I had a crowd, we were not able to move more than 3 feet at a time. Then stop take pictures and then move 3 feet. It seemed like we moved a grand total of 50 feet in 4 hours. But it was all extremely positive. Especially from the other Deadpool cosplayers. I could not have done any of this without my girlfriend Emily Hastings' incredible support, during the build as well as at the con! She was my wrangler and made it so I didn't just knock people over at the con.

Any interesting stories from interacting with congoers ? Interesting is such a subjective word, I did meet many interesting congoers, but the main thing is everyone wanted a hug, which I am open for. But I will say this, the only way I was able to see any of the con was to deflate the suit and let it hang on my shoulders with my head out of the suit. Other than that I was taking pictures and giving hugs!

- Baypool