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I came up with the idea with Battle Bunny Jinx once my cool friend Ian said he got me a ticket to PAX. I already had a leotard and a jinx wig so I figured I could to the Infinite Battle Bunny skin! 

We had the outfit done, and what's left? A kickass trusty fishbones! Making that was a lot of work, Ashley and Evan at one point let me sleep and finished it, but it took two days and them staying in a hotel in Seattle the night before con to get things done. Secret: lots and lots of foam and glue.

People at the convention seemed to love it which made me happy considering I would have liked it to be more done. Getting so much positive responses really makes me think about how much i want to strive for cosplaying as a living (or a side job). I just love everyone in the community so much it's insane. Being able to have my life be around that would be wonderful. I had one fan who actually followed me around con, but many did, it was cool hanging out with locals who had seen my little Yuno Gasai and Chii cosplays from Chibi con.

I've been looking at cosplay for a long while, and did a very mediocre Misty cosplay back in 2013 as my first one, and since then I've been wanting to do more. I plan to learn a lot more techniques and get better at making cosplay so I can finally fly out of the birds nest and do it on my own.

Oh gosh, there are many "best parts" about cosplaying. BUUUT my top two is connecting with people I don't know and making new friends. It seems like most everyone there has the confidence in cosplay that they don't have out of. Secondly, I love just being in cosplay and character seeing all these other amazing cosplayers and their work. It pushes me to want to be better.  Cosplay has a huge place in my heart and even though I don't have much money to do it, and I'm still a novice, I'm planning so many more characters to cosplay. I'm not going to give up on my goals to get better and to do this as a part of life. If you're thinking about cosplaying, do it, it's THE best feeling.

Sakura Kitten Cosplay