Baymax + Batman

I'm a huge Batman fan and after seeing Big Hero 6 I felt like both of their story lines were very similar in a sense. even though both characters are from competing companies both heavily represent a form of hope. Once I realized that, it only made sense to put them together! The process was a blast, I spent roughly two weeks knocking it out. as soon as I got home from work it was right to it until time to sleep, every day until I was done. I have yet to have a negative response and I'm super proud of that. I've had a few cosplays in the past that got a few rude comments but my Batmax seems to bring a lot of positivity to the room!

I met David Mouzaz (Bruce Wayne from Gotham) in Cincinnati, I was in full suit and he came from around the table to talk, I was trying to not fan girl and I had several questions I wanted to ask but we didn't get that far at all because he wanted to know more about my suit. he seemed so excited and we got a good 20-selfies together. super surreal!

I cosplay to show people's interests, fandoms, and choice of expressions aren't weaknesses. it helps me promote positivity on so many levels and push my creativity to the max. cosplaying has brought a higher purpose to my life, and given me a huge opportunity to provide for my city, Frankfort, Kentucky.

Joe Parrish (Frankfort, KY)