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My sister and I decided to cosplay as Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure because we both really love the movie. The costumes also are pretty simple compared to other costumes we have done so it wasn’t too hard to make. We also wanted more of a casual costume for Rencon since it was a lot smaller of a con compared to the other cons we go to. Honestly, the majority of both our costumes were from the Goodwill or Value Village and then we bought cheap wigs online. My wig looked great but was itchy so I couldn’t wait to take it off at the end of the day. We then modified and added the extra details like the stickers on Ted’s pants and all the Wyld Stallyns stuff to the clothes.

 For such a small con the reaction of the congoers was pretty good. We got some pictures and the occasional, “Wyld Stallyns rule!” yelled at us which we just resounded with rock on. One of the venders there was super sweet and gave my sister and I free buttons that said, “Be excellent to each other,” with the phone booth in the background because she loved our costumes.

To me, cosplay is a family thing, since I cosplay with my family. It’s always exciting decided what costume to do and then wearing it to the con, especially if it’s a group cosplay. I going to sound super cheesy, but cosplay is also about being yourself and enjoying the process of making costumes and the interaction with other congoers and cosplayers. I have meet so many amazing and nice people who are in the cosplay community.


My parents showed Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to my sister and I several years ago and we loved it. It’s one of those films that we rewatch a lot, and we’ve wanted to cosplay the main characters for quite some time solely because we like the movie so much. We also really like to do pair cosplays, so Bill and Ted were a great fit for us!

We found a really great website that has a ton of reference pictures of the costumes, including all the easily missed details, which kicked us off to a good start. I did a lot of thrift store hunting at places like the Goodwill or Value Village and ended up finding the shorts, sweatpants, jacket, and waistcoat there. The jacket was originally light pink so we dyed it a little darker. Instead of buying an actual Van Halen t-shirt, we just used a printable iron-on transfer on a white t-shirt to make our own. The stickers on the pants are just images that were printed onto printable fabric and carpet taped to the shorts. My dad customized a black watch from Target to better match the one that Ted wears. Lastly, we found a shaggy black wig on eBay. Luckily, Ted is just a normal high school dude, so there wasn’t anything too crazy to make for my costume.

We didn’t have anything totally crazy happen, but we did have a lot of fun goofing around with people! Lots of people shouted “Wyld Stallyns rule!” when we passed by and we’d do things like air guitar at them, so that was pretty fun. We also got to talk to the host of a podcast about cosplaying and con culture for a bit, which was also cool. I unfortunately don’t remember the name of the podcast, but he was videocasting at the time, so we did get to be on video.

For me, cosplay is an interesting way to meet new people and celebrate the things I love. It’s really cool to get to bond with people I don’t even know over common interests, even if it’s only for a short time. I also really love cosplaying as an acting exercise. I’m an actor, so I view cosplay as a unique way to practice acting. I don’t like getting completely in-character because I think it’s easy to take it too far and really weird people out, so instead of focusing on talking like the character I focus completely on moving like the character. I put a lot of time into my facial expressions and poses, and I pay attention to how the character walks and stands, as well as their other physical mannerisms. When I’m cosplaying, I am always very aware of how I am moving and I try to physically emulate my character as best as I can. When I’m acting, it’s really easy to get so wrapped up in memorization and line delivery that I forget about physical movement, so I use cosplay as a way to get back in tune with that aspect of acting.