No Face / Baymax


I decided on Bayface because I had previously done a No Face costume. Basically at the time my No Face costume had fallen apart and I wanted to remake it, however I don't really like doing something twice so I decided to tweak it a bit. Luckily I saw some fan art online of Baymax as No Face. I thought it looked adorable and so I just went for it. The process to making it was pretty simple. For the mask I used wire mesh as the base, think chicken coop wiring. I printed out a blown up template of Baymax's face and cut out a circle from the wire mesh, which I then covered in masking tape. On top of the tap i layered something called paper mache clay. It's made up of Elmer's glue, joint compound, flour and toilet paper, you can find the recipe online. I then let it dry. From there you just paint.

As to the costume, in order to give the costume added height, I mounted a plastic waste bin on top of a construction helmet and on top of that a round wood serving bowl I found at Ikea. The bowl gave the costume a somewhat circular shape, which I then draped black cloth over. From there I cut a whole in the cloth and mounted the mask inside it, fixing it to the waste bin inside. In a way it's best to think of the costume as an enormous hat. The arms were made up of Eva foam, pretty much the foam floor mats you'd put in your garage. Using a heat gun, I curved the arms around and used hot glue to put them together, for the rounded dome shape at the front of the hands, I heated some Eva foam inside of a bowl to give it its shape. For the fingers I bought some cheap plumbing caps and glue them in place. For a bit of added fun, I used a rotary tool to carve away the top of one of the caps so that I could stick candy through the hole, as if i were a candy dispenser. I also glue a wooden dowel along the width of the arm so that I'd have something to hold onto.

The responses I've gotten so far at conventions have been incredibly positive. People seem to love the costume and get a giggle out of the crossover. The best part is that split second of confusion trying to figure out what I'm cosplaying. It looks like No Face, but it's face looks wrong and there's these weird white things sticking out of it. At which point most people get the ah hah moment and can't help but laugh and point. A somewhat cruel joke I like to play on congoers involves elevators. I like to get inside an elevator and get real close to the door and look slightly down. Most people tune out when they wait for an elevator so as soon as it opens and they see me there's usually a pretty funny "holy crap what am I looking at" moment. Also funny for people to the side of the elevator when a 7 ft blob thing just shuffles out. As for cute stories, I love the interactions with small children, who seem to get the biggest kick out of the costume. It was adorable finding a tiny Princess Mononoke waving and say your characters name or just seeing how happy she was when I popped out a small lollipop from my finger for her. As to cosplay, it's pretty much to me an excuse to be a bit creative, be a bit strange and make a bunch of people happy and at the end of the day that's more then enough for me.


It started when Justin started cosplaying as No Face a couple years ago. Whenever he cosplayed as No Face, one of our friends would follow him to make sure that he was ok while walking around. Eventually, I started following Justin every time we went to a convention and started helping other congoers to take pictures with him as No Face. One day, Justin told me that he had plans to make a new cosplay for Fanime at San Jose. He then showed me a fan art of Baymax dressed as No Face with Hiro sitting next to him inside a train. Being a huge fan of Baymax and Big Hero 6, I was immediately thrilled to see this fan art come to life in cosplay form. It was then decided by both of us that I can cosplay as Hiro and walk around with Justin as Baymax/No Face. We first featured this mash up cosplay of Big Hero 6 and Spirited Away at Fanime this year and then decided to feature our cosplay again at LA Comic Con.

For my costume, I designed and sewed it myself. I wanted to design an outfit that was like Justin’s Baymax/No Face costume. A costume that would fuse Big Hero 6 and Spirited Away, but for Hiro. The main challenge for my costume was to find a way to combine both Hiro’s clothing and Chihiro’s bath house uniform to compliment Justin’s costume. So, I decided to make Chihiro’s bath house uniform and change the colors from pink into the colors that Hiro wears in Big Hero 6. I made a dark blue kimono to match the Hiro sweater. In addition, I made a red sash to match Hiro’s red t-shirt and wore a red under shirt and khaki shorts to further match Hiro’s clothing. Sewing the kimono was a great learning experience for me because I rarely sew Japanese style clothing for any of my cosplays. Both Justin and I have learned and gain a lot of experience from making our costumes and are really proud of our work.

A lot of people recognized us, but some were slightly confused because of the fusion of Spirited Away and Big Hero 6. It’s a mash up of two different movies combined together to create a crossover type of cosplay. Justin was recognized a bit more as Baymax then No Face when we walked around LA Comic Con. I was barely recognizable by a few cogoers as Hiro only when I stood close to Justin as Baymax/No Face. Even though our costumes were a bit of a plot twist to a lot of people, everyone that we meet really liked our cosplay and wanted pictures of us. Justin was also able to give out lollipops as Baymax/No Face and it was so much fun seeing the reactions of the congoers to the little treat he gave them. We had many different reactions to our cosplays, especially the kids who were attending the convention. A lot of them were so sweet and were really happy to see Justin as Baymax/No Face.

We were asked to stop for pictures by a couple of congoers while Justin and I were walking around in costume at the lobby area. Justin offered them lollipops after they were finished taking the pictures. As they were about to take the lollipops from Justin’s hand, one of the congoer’s asked “Wait! If Baymax is offering candy to us, will he eat our souls just like what No Face does in the movie?” I responded by saying “No. Baymax wouldn’t do that. He’s a health care companion and I don’t think he’ll eat your souls if you take the lollipops.” Relieved by my answer, they proceed to take the lollipops. Then Justin says “He’s lying, I’m now going to eat your souls!” Surprised at Justin’s response, we all started laughing out loud.

Another story that I’d like to share is when we were walking pass the entrance to the Exhibitor’s Hall near the end of the day. While walking around in costume one last time before we left the convention, I spotted a cosplayer dressed as Tadashi and said to Justin “Tadashi is here!” The Tadashi cosplayer noticed us too and gasped. All three of us were surprised to find each other dress as characters from Big Hero 6. We complimented on each other’s costumes and proceeded to take some pictures together. Before we parted, the Tadashi cosplayer thanked us and told us how much he loved our mash up cosplay of Spirited Away and Big Hero 6. It was a great moment to end our day at LA Comic Con.

- Justin & Jason