Morgiana from Magi


I am cosplaying as Morgiana from Magi: Labyrinth of Magic and wanted to cosplay her because I loved the outfit and her personality she is a strong character who works hard for those she cares about.

Head band: I got a cheap plastic headband and hot glued craft foam and fabric to it. I then hand sew a string of beads, and fake flowers to the fabric. The gold pieces on the sides are water bottles that I cut to the desired shape and glued glittery gold craft foam squares to and lined the edges with gold scrap book paper.

Veil (can't see it since it's in the back): Just sheer material attached to a hair comb.

Choker: The choker was a gold belt like material that I glued the jewel to and sewed the chain that connects it to the top (I used that same material to make the part that goes around her head bun thing).

Top : It was a swimsuit top that I modified since it had a square metal piece in the middle which I replace with the round one and attached the chain to it. Then sewed on the sheer material to attach the top and bottom.

Bottom: I draped the material at the top and attached the base layer to an elastic waist band. For the long half skirt, I had hand sewed the gold sequin leaves on and sewed ribbon for the rest of the design instead of using fabric paint. I did this to the inside and outside of it.

Arm and Leg cuffs: I used craft foam, puffy paint, acrylic paint, Elmer's glue, and Velcro. I prepped the craft foam by ironing it and painting the Elmer's glue, then I used the white puffy paint to make the raised designs and painted over it with gold acrylic paint. Then attached the Velcro.

Mask: I used a balloon and covered it to the desired size for the mask. After drying I cut the hole for the mouth and eyes. I prepped it with Elmer's glue and then painted it gold. I used craft foam for the spikes at the top and gold scrapbook paper for the accents.

My first con was Animazement in 2008 and I knew people dressed up and I wanted to too, but I didn't really know it had a name. My first experience cosplaying was my first year of college. So it wasn't a con. It felt a bit awkward walking through campus as Kagome from Inuyasha but I was excited. I had one guy ask me if I wanted to join the archery club. 

My second time competing at Phoenix Comicon, I entered as Anna from Frozen. I had made her coronation outfit which has her hair styled in a bun. While we were in the green room, my wig decided to give out on me and bun came undone. I was about to cry, I had worked on my dress for months just for that to happen right before we were going on stage! However, someone who was in the room to support a friend was kind enough to help me fix it. They really saved the day for me!My family thinks I'm weird, but they accept it and my niece loves it. My co-workers have been mixed, some think it's cool and are impressed I make my costumes and others just scratch their heads. I just simply explain that I dress up like animated characters for fun. 

I love making things and being crafty. I've always been the type to hoard things to use for craft projects so I love when I can use unusual things to make my costumes. Cosplay will always have a special place in my heart because I can be anyone and wear all these pretty outfits that you wouldn't normally see in day to day life. It hasn't changed much for me, except I don't have as much time as I used to. But I do a lot of duo cosplays with my niece now. She is my cosplay buddy and is always asking me when the next con is.

- Hachi-chan