Gaige Borderlands

I actually loved her concept art immediately when it was released. Once Gaige was added to the game I put an embarrassing amount of hours into it and only really wanted to play as her. Right around that time I was getting to know some of my (now) closest friends and they mentioned cosplaying Borderlands so naturally I chose my favorite!

Honestly, most of my small details are made from craft foam; the 'mechanical' arm was actually wonderflex which was interesting to use and it was also my first time working with any sort of foam or plastic for cosplay. There were a lot of late nights digging through the shed for loose small parts to make her accessories with (the hair bands are literally some rusty old pipe holders or something like that), and staying up with friends even helping me add the last cel-shading details (including Hildurgalaxy Cosplay literally painting on my tights while I wore them at probably 3am). It still to this day has been my most detailed cosplay with a lot of firsts, now that I think about it.

When I wore it to PAX West in 2013 I got to meet Randy Pitchford and some of the Gearbox crew in my cosplay which garnered some lovely compliments that might have made me tear up. Best response to any cosplay I've made hands down honestly, it was a huge honor!

I remember wearing a shoddy excuse for an L (Death Note) cosplay at Kumoricon 2008, I was elated and even though I was a hot mess everyone was so friendly and gave me hugs. It was a pleasant experience and I was just so excited to be around so many people who loved the same things I did!

Cosplay is a hobby I love to share with my friends and I don't plan to quit anytime soon. It's brought me closer to the people I care about and strangely enough I feel like I have a better grasp now on who I am because of my taste in characters if that makes any sense at all. Do you have any story to tell from your experience cosplaying ? I've had so many great experiences it's hard to pin just one down but I really enjoyed cosplaying Splatoon at PAX with my Callie (Kaijusaur), Judd and a few squid kids! I went to a Game Grumps panel and Egoraptor happened to be wearing a Callie and Marie shirt so my friend asked for a photo of both of us afterwards, he was incredibly nice about it too. Definitely one of my favorite experiences in cosplay!

- Kitty