Gokai Silver from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (PR SMF) was a wacky over the top fanboy and I can relate to that in a way so when I saw the Japanese episode I fell in love with the character. I had commissioned a propmaker by the name of Aniki Cosplay, who specializes in Power Ranger/Tokusatsu cosplays and props the project took just 2 months to finish.

There was a lot of positive responses from friends and congoers who have not seen my suit in person, and people asking for pictures for themselves or their kids was overwhelming but fun. At the time PR SMF had not appeared in the States so i knew only a few people outside of the power ranger fandom would know who i was the ones who did thought it was so cool to see while others were wondering "Is that a Power Ranger?"

One of my friends ran a charity and she needed a few Power Rangers to come and cheer a little boy up who was battling cancer. So me and a few friends went and visit him and we brought him tons of gifts, took pictures and hung out with him for awhile. Afterwards when we had gotten done the boy's grandfather came out and thanked us for coming he told us that for the last few weeks he was in pain and sad a lot of the time but when we walked through that door to greet him it was the first time he had smiled since his treatment and that moved me cause every child deserves joy in their lives and we were so happy to bring it into his.

- Ichijo Cosplay