Fenris : This is my cosplay of Noelle from Trinity Blood. I wanted to cosplay one of the nuns. I loved their uniforms and their color palette. I really liked Noelle because her character design. The little decorations like their stockings with all the lace. It was just beautiful.  My sister and I in our matching uniforms were very popular in the halls. Lots of stops for photos. We were entered into the contest and won a judges favorite award from the head of the con. In craftsmanship, one of the judges was very excited to see that I had an actual garter belt on my stocking and couldn't help but bring everyone over to see. It was quite funny.

I actually used the neo coat pattern that was sold at my local Joanns. It was shaped and directed into the slim fitting dress Noelle wears. It was also made from a pretty thick fabric so it wasn't able to flap around. This costume was a lot of guessing and mistakes to figure out how to shape it right.

Allison : I am cosplaying Sister Esther. We decided on the characters because of their personalities and design. We like to both feel comfortable with how the character acts, and how they look.

Fenris : I think I had always somehow known about cosplay. When I was little I wanted to dress up as Tenshi's mom from Tenshi Muyo! in Love. When I was in high school and had free range of Internet and communities for geeky kids like myself I found myself seeing cosplay all over Gaia online. Then senior yard rolls around and a friend tells me he's going to an anime convention. This was the first time I had heard of a convention and set me on my life path of conventions, travel, and cosplay.

Allison : Back in 2006 a friend of our went to this crazy thing called Nan Desu Kan. We have been roped in ever since. Other than that we had always wanted to make costumes from anime and games, without even knowing the word cosplay. Specifically, we wanted to go as characters from Tenshi Muyo! in Love. I think we both wanted to go as Tenshi's mom.

Fenris : The very first convention I went to my twin sister and I cosplayed Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club. We were so insanely popular we couldn't go anywhere we had to hide in the dealers room where photos weren't allowed to have some down time. But at the same time it was a good boost of self image for myself as someone with the low self image of a late teen. 

Allison : Our first real experience was as the twins from Ouran High School Host Club. It was a bit over whelming. Everyone went crazy over twins cosplaying twins.

Fernis : While I was young I never told coworkers my hobby. I didn't want to have them say something rude or mean about myself or my community of friends. My family loves my cosplay hobby. My mother and grandparents are always showing off photos. My husband helps with construction and even has a few dream cosplay in planning. My son likes to play with wigs and props but at a year and a half he doesn't understand it all he just knows sometimes mommy has weird hair.

I keep cosplaying because.... I love creating the outfits. I have many that I haven't even worn yet because I just wanted to make it but had no convention to bring it to. Cosplay has made me accept myself for who I Am. It brings out me when I need it. When I feel like I'm just drowning in life. It calms me when I have anxiety attacks.

Allison : It is a creative outlet like no other. Otherwise in compasses all aspects of art. Painting, fabric, theater. Everything that makes us happy. And we love pushing ourselves. With everything we do we think, how can we do this better? It gives us drive. 

Fernis : Before I started dating my husband, when I was crushing on him and didn't have the guts to tell him. I asked him as a friend to cosplay in a group with me and some friends. And so my small Sailor Moon group was born with myself as sailor moon and my crush as tuxedo mask. So I got to pose with him and be by his side at conventions. It was a wonderful was to nudge each other in our affections towards one another. I guess it worked because a few years later we were married.

Allison : We have made so many friends through this it is amazing. Support and love on another and they will support and love you in return.

- Futago Cosplay