In 2013, I discovered his actor, Peter Davison, was gonna be at C2E2. So I immediately got excited and started work on the cosplay of his character, the 5th Doctor. The jacket I found at a thrift store by my house. I used some red felt from Michaels to go around the outside and on the pockets as well as on the hat, which I got from a Halloween store years before. Everything else came from either my closet or from family members. The celery I got from Jewel before the convention or anytime I wear this cosplay. I got many different responses at C2E2 2013 from con goers and even got complimented by Peter Davison himself as he signed my jacket.

One day at Acen 2013, I went to the Doctor Who photoshoot. They called for the 5th and 10th Doctors to be photographed together because of a Children in Need special the two characters were in. I was the only 5th Doctor and the rest were the 10th. It eventually turned into a tug-of-war between all of them. That was hilarious.

I first heard about cosplay my senior year at Reavis High School but never fully understood it. Then my first year at Moraine Valley Community College, I made a bunch of friend who cosplayed longer than I have and I learned more about it from these guys. . My first cosplay experience was at Acen 2013. My friends told me about it and managed to go with a make-shift cosplay of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon as tribute to the first anime I ever watched. During my time there I saw so many amazing cosplays and hoped I could learn a thing or two from some of them. 3

My friends and family know about my cosplays but I try to keep a low profile with my parents because they think it's strange to wear cosplays in public like that but they support me either way. I like to keep cosplaying because it helps me get away from the business in my life and expands my creative mind. 

One of my best cosplay stories was at C2E2 2015. A few months before I was playing a Pokemon game before I saw that Evil Dead: Army of Darkness was on TV. After watching it, I got inspiration to combine the 2 characters named Ash from Pokemon and Evil Dead. After months of figuring out how to make the chainsaw, I debuted it and got many different responses. It was the best con experience I ever had.

Finally, throughout my years of cosplaying, I've encountered many things. I've seen people bashing other people's cosplays, people trying to force themselves to get noticed by the community and people struggling to make their cosplays worthy of the convention floor. I just hope people realize that cosplay is a way to express a person's creativity and helps some people relieve stress. Whatever what people do with their cosplays, don't make it hard for others to enjoy it as well. Whether you're a beginner or expert, remember to keep the "play" in "cosplay."

- Dr. Disney Cosplay