Flora - Marisa, Fauna - Stefanie, Merryweather - Katrina ( photo :  Santiago Photography  ) 

Flora - Marisa, Fauna - Stefanie, Merryweather - Katrina ( photo : Santiago Photography ) 

Every year we try to do at least one group cosplay and one of us can choose the theme - the godmothers from Sleeping Beauty was Katrina' choice for the year and it really just fit us all so well.

The godmothers are all sisters, we are sisters, and their personalities were quite similar to our own....so each of us became the godmother that was most similar to us. Mine being Flora. I'm the oldest sister and Flora is kinda bossy, know-it-all and wants to make sure everyone stays in line and is always watching everything aka very much me. Haha! Katrina has a history with sewing. She took two sewing classes in high school and took a few sewing classes in College. Katrina is pretty good at patterning so with these dresses being a little more difficult in shape, Katrina did most of the sewing for these costumes.

The dresses were not easy to make, the material we used were higher quality fabric than we usually use and we really wanted the fairies to look sharp. Being the lazy sewer that Katrina is, she wanted to make these dresses like she makes most, draping and fixing. After Katrina tried that with the first dress she wanted to murder someone and decided it would actually be better and less time consuming if she used a pattern on the next two. She used a simple t-shirt pattern and changed it a bit.

Once Katrina had the pattern down, the 2 other dresses were a breeze. Marisa did a lot of the planning and creating the shape of the hats - there were quite a few attempts out of different materials - the final was out of a plastic/styrofoam brim and poster board cone, using industrial spray glue of some sort to glue the fabric onto the plastic and poster board shapes. Being that they were all essentially the same costume, it got easier and faster by the time we got to the third one. Stefanie helped to finish off the edges on the dresses and capes. Also created the cape pins and wings for each fairy.

I think this was easily our most well received costume EVER. I mean, I personally did not think that many people and that wide range of people would recognize who we were. But, there were kids as young as 5 and adults as old as 60 who all knew who we were and were so excited because we "looked exactly like the movie" (we intentionally try to be as movie accurate as we can be with movies/tv shows/etc) which is such a great complement to us. Definitely our best, most well received, cosplay to date.

 ( photo :  Altovenue  )

( photo : Altovenue )

Elvira - Marisa Codsi

I remember watching her film when I was really really young and she was just sooo cool! She was just so badass and had a "don't take things too seriously" attitude. Even now, as i'm older, I feel like she is me, and I am her - therefore I needed to BE her!

The costume was not the difficult, sewing the dress, belt, finding the wig and stuffing it was quite simple.The hardest part was definitely finding the right bra to work in that dress. I found a bra that acts as the base of the dress - we sewed the dress to the bra so that the dress kept shape like Elvira's does in real life. We ended up cutting up another bra to build up that first one and sewed it into the dress as well so that it gives the illusion of "Elvira level boobage”. The second hardest part was most likely the makeup - which really ends up pulling the whole outfit together.

Most peoples reactions were so surprised by how realistic I looked. It was great - people were pulling me around or telling me to go different booths so that their friends could see. It was so exciting to see so many people who were just as excited as me to see the Elvira costume all together.

Morticia Addams - Stefanie Codsi

Growing up with the Addams Family movies and tv show, Morticia Addams was everything. She’s abnormal, dark, open with her sexuality and values her family and husband above all else. She is a true role model in my eyes.

This costume was a pretty simple to make. She just wears a tight black dress and heels. I laid down on black fabric on my back and then my front while my sister traced around me in a shape of a mermaid dress. Cut out the fabric and sewed both sides together. Measured the sleeves out and sewed them onto the the shoulders. Then added some black lace panels on the bottom of the dress to made the bottom bell larger. The wig and makeup really finished the look.

We debuted our costumes at Fan Expo Canada. There is a pretty good sized horror section and everyone absolutely loved the costume. We made sure to pose and walk like the characters and fans absolutely loved it. I think because all of us where dressed up as three classic female horror icons that you don’t see that often cosplayed at conventions horror fans were the most excited.

Bride of Frankenstein - Katrina Codsi

Honestly Marisa had been talking about wanting to cosplay Elvira for a few years and since we like to do cosplays together we decided to go with Classic Horror female characters. When we were thinking up characters to go with Elvira we picked Mortica and The Bride. Then because we like to be as movie accurate as possible, I knew as the shortest of the three (4’10), I wasn’t going to be able to make a compelling argument to get Morticia, aha. I had never actually seen the movie until the night before the convention.

This costume was time consuming. To make the dress I had to make the fabric, which alone took 4 hours. This was a process of ripping different widths of fabric and hot glueing them down in strips on a 3 yard strip of muslin, while trying to maintain a level of randomness in the rows. When that was done I had to go to each strip and cut at random to make it look more distressed to remove any straight edges and lines. Once that part was done the costume was a basic dress, just made it a little long, cut the hem to be all mess-up and torn. The vest had shoulder pads but not quite as large as the movie, and the wig just needed a little brush out and it looked much better. On the day of the convention I used makeup to give my chin a butt chin to look like the actress’s chin and used make up to give myself a shocked expression. (I love using makeup for special effects).

This was almost like the Disney costumes the way peoples faces lit up, most of the horror section at Fan Expo Canada said they had never seen one before! It is always a special feeling to think I’m the first cosplay of The Bride of Frankenstein for these people :D! The horror trio together was so much fun, everyone loved them together and I can’t wait to wear them again (or make more horror cosplays).

- Cosplay Sisters