Photo :  Alexandra Lee

I wanted to do a simple and comfortable group cosplay with my friends for Magfest, so I was trying to think of characters which met that criteria. Since Pokemon is so popular right now I figured that trainer outfits would get a good response, but wanted to change it up a bit to be a little more unique. Since there were three of us, the iconic Mario princesses would work perfectly and the idea was born I started by taking screen grabs of all the trainer outfits and changing up the color schemes and details to match the princesses.

Once I had the designs the builds were fairly easy. I had already made a Pokemon Trainer outfit from the game so I reused the patterns and just changed up the colors. The suits were sewn from scratch and the jackets were made by combining two sweatshirts. I also helped construct the Daisy and Peach outfits which required me to adjust some measurements, but they were simple and fun builds. Most of the people that approached us loved it, but a few weren't sure who we were supposed to be, which is a common response to mashups. One person said our outfits made them want sherbet ice cream due to the pastel colors which I thought was funny.

At one point we were doing this silly dance for a video which required me to do a really low squat. Once we were done recording about 5 more people had lined up also wanting a video of our dance. By the end of it my legs were on fire and I had sore glutes for the next 2 days. It made for a great video shot, so it was worth it.


-- Altar Lion Cosplay, Breanna Ausbrooks and Malicious Cosplay