Made the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who for a formal cosplay event in December once I started getting into Doctor Who 2012 from cosplaying the 9th Doctor to doing the 11th Doctor given then it was the most formal and easiest I can possibly do.

It evolved from just me wearing a fez and a tweed, to now evolving more and more through the years to making it screen accurate as I could. Currently as of 2017 will be having near accurate stuff from the shirts to the Sonic Screwdriver and a new tweed. Will be doing a series 5 version with his Burgundy swirly shirt made by Magnoli (fine people for Doctor Who cosplay goods) and a series 6 variant with the window pane shirt and the formal tail coat version with the Sonic Cane. When this picture was taken, I just wore a white dress shirt and the Character Options sonic which I now updated to the Wand Company 11/12th Doctor remote control.

Just generally interacting with other Doctor Who cosplayers made it fun plus wearing many hats made it fun as well; given the 11th Doctor always would try to use his hipster like mannerisms to make anything cool from Fezzes, Stetsons, Snapbacks etc. After wearing the first time I wore without my wig and just the fez to that aforementioned formal event, my current wife, Sarah seen a pic of it and she fell in love with me as well as seeing a friend's K-9. To this day she's my River Song and I'm her Doctor.

I went to my first out of state convention in 2014 and its when I met my wife for the first time who was my girlfriend at the time. We had a long distant relationship that we made work given I lived in Colorado and she in Toledo, Ohio. We used that con as our first date in her neck of the woods and it allowed me to see more of the country and states I never been before. It was quite a experience.

When I was a kid, I browsed video game magazines such as Gamefan, Gamepro or PSM and they'd usually have pictures of cosplayers from different cons like AX, and during the Tokyo Game Show and thought it was really cool. Much younger I thought they were the real characters. Thinking back it was hilarious to think I'd be in a hobby that can have a impact such as that.

I first cosplayed Agent 47 from the video game series, Hitman and it was a rough version, that I still wanna work out and improve. When I first did it at Anime Wasabi 2008 (currently Animeland Wasabi) I was nervous at first, but I threw myself in and I enjoyed it and many other con goers loved it too. Afterwards, folks that knew me for a while still know me for that cosplay.

Cosplay in general is a really great creative outlet and something to make friends with and then some. Trying Cosplay may seem daunting, but do what you do and Cosplay no matter if you're big, fat, black, white, just enjoy what you do with it and have fun. Just remember one simple... Cosplay is for fun.

-- Tony Lewis