How did you decide to cosplay Cinderella?

I’M NOT CINDERELLA.  Cinderella is a tool of the patriarchy.  I’m Grumpy Princess.  I’m a princess, and I’m over this shit. There’s a lot to be grumpy about if you're a woman, especially if you're a caricature of expected femininity in a racist misogynist society and you actually give a damn about other people.

The bonus of looking just like Cinderella is that I’m immediately recognizable from the neck up as a princess.  Which means I can do things like wear a suit of armor, and people still know exactly who I am.  I did end up spending a lot of time yelling “I’m NOT CINDERELLA” which is a pretty good metaphor for my existence as a woman, actually. 

How was the cosplay created?

I made it myself, cause I’m a full grown, independent princess.  (actually I made it myself cause my fairy godmother was no help at all and my animal friends are just puppets.) I’ve never done anything like this before. It was really hard. How do you people do this?! 

It’s EVA foam and spray paint.  I lost so many brain cells making this thing.  I hope you all appreciate it.

How did you decide to attend the march as Cinderella?

For some reason, the citizens of this kingdom decided to make a really angry orange troll the king.  He seems like a pretty bad king and he lies all the time.  It’s bad enough being the default romantic interest of the patriarchy, but when the patriarchy looks (and acts) like that? ugh.  definitely time to revolt. 

What was the response at the march?

Kind of overwhelming.  I could barely take 2 steps without getting stopped.  People were freaking out.  It was like they NEEDED to get a picture with me.  It seemed like more than just admiration of the costume - more like the image spoke to them in such a way that made them feel something really important.  It was definitely more than I expected. 

Any interesting interactions?

My favorite was interacting with all the little girls at the march.  I took a lot of pictures with little girls and it was so cool to see the excitement and admiration in their eyes.  It feels really great to give them a different idea of what a princess can be.


What’s the idea behind Grumpy Princess?

Basically that classical princess mythology is sexist crap, and that no one, not even such an elegant, proper, ladylike princess such as myself, can adhere to those unrealistic expectations. I think the key to sanity as a woman is to give less fucks. It’s hard to do, but luckily this princess found the internet and started a Youtube channel, so hopefully I can inspire other women to give less fucks as well. 

How did you first hear about cosplay and what was your first experience cosplaying ?

I'm a fictional character, what do you want from me ? This is how I dress.


-- Grumpy Princess