I decided to cosplay Doctor Strange because I love characters that deal with magic or spells. I love being magical entities. Plus I really enjoy his costume design. The costume was created by my seamstress Ellen Morey. She sews all of my cosplays. My props like the spell disk and Eye of Agamotto was created by Givewave Studios. He makes all my props. The response I got at the convention was over whelming. I got so many compliments and many people wanted to take my picture.

I heard about cosplay five years ago. A close friend of mine told me to go to a anime convention but I didn't really know what to expect so when I went a whole new world was introduced to me. My first cosplay experience was when I dressed as an original character named Moonstar. I got a pretty good response even though people didn't know who I was.  

I actually found cosplay when I had severely bad break up with my boyfriend of five years. I was crushed and heartbroken and believe cosplay allowed to get out of that funk. It helped me move on with my life. I was reborn in that moment.

I keep cosplaying because it's a great way to meet other like minded people who enjoy the same thing you do. Plus I love transforming and diving into make believe land for a day or so. Cosplay is special to me because it's a celebration of individuality and uniqueness. It shows how everyone maybe different but we all come together with such an amazing form of art. 

-- Brandon the Shapeshifter