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For anyone who does not know who Alexander Shunnarah is; Alexander Shunnarah is a very popular lawyer in the south eastern part of the United States. Mainly in Alabama, Georgia, and etc. What he’s most famous for are his memes for having a dominant amount of billboards on interstates and in cities as well as being very current in todays social media trends. You can find many of his memes on his Facebook billboard fan page.

I found out about his appearance at Kami-con through a promo video for the con and immediately thought it was a joke. I emailed the staff to confirm if it was legitimate or not, to which they then confirmed that he would be there on Saturday as an Alabama guest. As an Alabama citizen and a fan of his memes I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to cosplay him. I wanted to give him total support for coming to an event like this (as did the rest of the con). As quickly as it was confirmed by the staff of the convention I went straight to brain storming on how I was going to cosplay him. Of course the first thing that came to mind was his billboard ad. So to recreate his billboard I used foam and poster board to get the white and red color of this billboard and then used stick on letters for the lettering. Unfortunately getting red stick on letters that don’t glitter is hard to find so I used white letters and spray painted them red.

To hold the boards together I used mending plates and screws along with punched flat bar, wrapped in duck tape, to wrap around the back and partial front of the makeshift billboard. For the back piece I used punched flat bar, wrapped in duck tape, again to screw into a double holed belt which was fastened tightly around my waist. I then bent the bar at the to give it the right height which I bolted 45lb magnets to the top and mid-back for magnetic and stabilization purposes. I used foam tape to go along the inside of the bar to cushion it for more comfort. The magnets then attach to the bar that was wrapped along the middle of the board to give myself easy access throughout the con.

The reaction on this cosplay was phenomenal. Everyone loved it and it had a ton of laughs. I was approached by many people throughout the convention, all seeming to love it. I had a good bit of people tell me that they were hoping someone would cosplay him and I pulled through to all of their wishes. A few people told me that I won cosplay of the year for Kami-con. I was even approached by the staff of Alexander Shunnarah, not knowing who they were at first, for pictures. They were very ecstatic to see my cosplay and were very encouraging towards me meeting him.

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As I approached his booth where he was set up, the whole crowd of people erupted in cheers and laughter. Mr. Shunnarah looked up, from signing, confused at what everyone was cheering and pointing for. He then turned around to see me. His reaction was by far the best at the entire con. He welcomed me with smiles and laughter to give me a huge hug and even thank me for what I did. He, along with a few members of the con, joked that I looked like his long lost son due to our similar looks. I respectively hopped in his line to receive an autograph and another interaction from him which he then thanked me once again after signing my prop.

Kami-con season 9 was by far the best I’ve experience from this con. I had an amazing time and more support than ever. This experience allowed me to step away from my traditional cosplay and tackle something new. Not only did I gain, experience from this but I gained many new friends as well. It’s moments like these that remind me of why I got into cosplay in the first place. The community itself is so supportive and open to which you don’t experience outside of this world that we have.

-- Jakey Scorn Cosplay

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