I decided to wear it because I LOVE like LOVE LOVE the Lantern comics. I got into them because I love Green, it was the first comic i was ever obsessed with! So naturally I HAD to dress up as a Green Lantern! The costume was bought off eBay and I have never been one to get stopped a lot, even if I am in something more elaborate, but when I did get stopped the people were always very excited and asked me where I got the suit! It was a big hit at the DC shoot too! It made it super easy to connect to other comic book fans too!

OH THIS STORY LET ME TELL YOU The year was 2006.... I was but a wee lad... (I mean SMALL) My twin sister was SUPER into anime and such, I had no idea what it was. My twin and their friends would watch anime together and one of their friends would wear costumes to school (may she rest in peace she passed away a few years ago). She changed her name to something Japanese I don't even REMEMBER her real name. Anyways I was super curious but my twin didn't like it when we shared friends because then I would hog all of the attention so I had to be careful about getting involved. I walked in on them watching Full Metal Alchemist or something and asked what it was. My twin glared at me of course! I was interrupting precious bonding time !!! I don't blame them! Anyways eventually after me bugging my twin for a while, they gave me a suggestion of manga to read! I FELL IN LOVE with Tokyo Mew Mew! In my mind I WAS Ichigo!!! I then just DOVE right into it! Never looked back! We found out about Animazment and decided to attend ! In cosplay!!!! we then started attending monthly events at our local mall!

My first con was 2007 AZ omg I WAS SUCH A WEEB! All the folk who knew me back then would tell you they don't see how we are the same person... I was the little kid running around in a cosplay i made in a day with face paint that wasn't sealed.... (Kankuro from Naruto) It was such a mess. My twin and I immediately made friends though! Ran around glomping folk, taking all the pics, obsessing over cosplays. It was such a new experience and so much fun. I felt so alive!!! My mom was kind enough to take us! She was not really into it.

Cosplay helped me discover my masculine side ! I was able to cosplay guys and play around with all that in costume and I didn't even realize how much it helped my development. Coming out is never easy, but cosplay definitely made it less stressful. It gives me a chance to try out different identities for a day while I discover myself. It inspires my creativity and connects me to other like minded folk!

-- Samar Dorf