Sailor Moon was someone I wanted to cosplay since 2015. The thing is I had a hard time making the cosplay. The rolls to the skirt was really difficult for me. My first attempt was a failure but I didn't let it stop me. I finally completed it in 2016 when I tried to make it again. I was so happy when I was done. I achieved making the skirt rolls and was able to put my own twist on the hair. I gave her afro puff ponytails to give the cosplay an afro centric vibe.

Acen 2016 was my first Acen ever. I loved it. It was so big and amazing. There were so many different cosplays. I decided to do Sailor Moon because she was my newest cosplay. I only did her once before at Shuto Con. Since Acen was new for me, why not bring my newest cosplay!

The reactions at Acen were great. I got nothing but love and support from Acen. People stopped me for to take a picture or to tell me how adorable I looked. One was a little girl, she was so cute. She cosplayed as Chibi Moon. We ended up taking a picture together. And other people stopped to get the pic of us too. I ran into the lovely Brichibi and she loved it. I felt so bashful. She like a famous plus cosplayer.

I discovered cosplay at my first con in 2009. It was Youmacon. It was magical. All these people dressed as anime and video game characters, had me in awe. In 2010 I tired to cosplay for the first time. I cosplayed a cat. I made the gloves and ears and wore a tutu. It wasn't much but it was a start to a long list of cosplays. In 2011 I tried again and made my Grell of Black Butler cosplay. I was so proud of it.

As the years went on, I started making more cosplays. My experience with cosplay has overall been great. I been told that I'm an inspiration, been told that I'm an amazing cosplayer, and even asked questions on how to make them and the props I wield. When I did Sailor Moon, I was even told how I was the best one at the con. When I hear things like that, I swear I must be turning pink from blushing so much. I never get use to hearing things like that. It makes me feel special.

To me cosplay mean new everything. Each time I put on a cosplay, I'm living a new life. Since cosplay, I learned new skills, like sewing and prop making. I even been to new cons like Acen. I always end up making new friends or making new connections with old ones. It's just new experience all together. Cosplay open my life up. I was very lonely and didn't do much before cosplay. Now I develop new skills friends, and a passion. I would like to tell others to enjoy this life. If you want to cosplay, do it. I know this has been said many times before but it's true. It's just that simple. And something this simple, sometimes need to be repeated. Sometimes we let fear of the negative get to us. I do too but at the end of the day we have all have that support system. Surround yourself with positive people. For me it's my friends. Also, don't ever let weight, race, gender, or negative people keep you from experiencing this world. There are so many good people in this community. You will have so much fun and might learn something new about yourself.

-- X-Ray Kitty Cosplay