( photo :  DTJAAAAM )

( photo : DTJAAAAM)

Well Swat Kats was an idea we had for a cosplay 5 years ago. The idea came when we had a 90's cartoon weekend with a group of friends. Another friend mentioned he thought it be a cool idea and I agreed, but wasn't confident in my cosplay skills at the time. The years went by and then my buddy Newt (T-Bone) brought up that he wanted to start cosplaying and wanted to do Swat Kats, At this point I was like maybe its time to test my skills.

Making the costumes was probably the most fun I've had making a cosplay. We did some research to see if anyone else had done Swat Kats and how they did it to get ideas. Not may people have done them and the ones that have either just did the flight suits or went full fur suit. Knowing we didn't want to wear mascot fur suits and we wanted to do more than just the flight suits, lead us to doing prosthetics. Not knowing how to make masks or anything like that I turned to an old family friend of mine, Mel Licata. She does freelance movie makeup out of the NYC/NJ area. Some may know here from when she competed on season 10 of Faceoff. I got in touch with her to do the faces of T-Bone and Razor. She was really excited to work with us and we were great full that she said yes. We spent 2 months emailing and chatting online to get the faces just right, and we both loved how they came out. As for the rest of the cosplay I made the suits by modifying coveralls, and sewing custom harnesses. The black masks were just oversize bandannas that i made and added eye slots with a white mesh. the helmets were made from EVA foam and built off a dome template I got from Evil Ted's website. Overall this took 4 months to put together.

Over all the response we got from the Katsucon crowd was bigger than either of us was expecting. We were really nervous when we got to the con and were just talking to people about what we brought and none of them knew what Swat Kats was. I tried to stay positive and I'm glad I did.

Slayer - Braxus Cosplay

Swat Kats was in my top 5 cartoons back in the 90's. My favorite character was T-Bone because I thought the name was awesome! So I talked to my buddy Brad (Razor) one day and said if I did a cosplay it would be a dynamic duo with him. He asked what I was thinking, and I told him Swat Kats! He freaked out a little. I told him it was perfect because of the size comparison! Years later, here I am doing my first cosplay ever!

How did we make the costume: Blood, tears, sweat and anything we found in our junkyard in MegaKat City. Lol!

I was absolutely astounded at the reactions we got! There were so many, and everyone that wanted to take our picture was really hype! There were three fans that stuck out in particular. One: There was a guy who shockingly cried. Two: There was a BatGirl who couldn't talk right, because she was in awe. Three: As we walked outside, I saw a woman yell, "OMG!! NO WAY!!" And literally charged towards us! Lol! She said she was upset she couldn't take a picture because her phone was dead. We talked a good five minutes and she had said we made her entire con!! It was very uplifting! For my first cosplay ever, it felt really great to bring back so much nostalgia for us, as well as for all the fans from the con! I send out much love and respect to everyone for all the positive feedback!

- Newton Stoner IV

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