Mr. Freeze is my first cosplay and NYCC 2016 was my first convention. So last year i decided i wanted to go comic con and was talking to a co-worker about costume ideas. I wanted something that wasn't so frequent to see and a character that i felt i can make believable. So my co-worker suggested Mr. Freeze. After some googling of other cosplays of him and images of his suit i picked the Arkham City video game version of him. Plus he's bald and I'm bald so that really sold me.

I made the costume a piece at a time over the summer using eva foam and craft foam by looking at a couple of images of him and drawing the pieces out. The tubing came from home depot. Everything is painted with acrylic paints by hand. Took about 4 months.

The response at the con was amazing. Every two steps someone was asking for a photo. People were shouting "Hey Mr. Freeze!" and "Victor!"While on the floor, a young female congoer came up to me with a huge smile and said she was so excited to see an African American doing cosplay well. She had wanted to pursue it but felt it would be difficult to since most known characters are not of a darker complexion. That really touched me and was super humbling to have inspired someone else to take the chance to step out and express themselves. That was probably my best experience in already amazing day.

--- Chris Etuk