I don't know if I can pinpoint exactly when I decided to do a cel shaded Tank Girl. I was reading the comics and I decided I wanted to cosplay her, but I like to put my own spin on characters and I knew Tank Girl would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Also, I've never seen the Lori Petty movie that many associate Tank Girl with, I've only read the comics. I had done some cel shaded cosplays before, so I figured it would be an interesting challenge to take it a step further and cosplay her in black and white!

The response at MegaCon (and other cons I've worn the cosplay to) has been amazing! People really seem to like the cosplay, which makes the two hour makeup worth it. As for what cosplay means to me, it's my absolute favorite thing to do. I love putting months of work into a cosplay and then being able to wear it proudly.

-- Emma Rubini