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Years ago, I came across an image of a photoshopped Captain America The First Avenger, which traded the star and the blue for red and a Maple Leaf. It took me about a year of research and material sourcing before starting to put it together. I used 10oz canvas for the suit, faux leather for the accessories and pouches, and the shield is a custom laser cut maple leaf logo designed by my wife. With great work from Maple Bunnie, she and I worked out the patterns and the sewing was all her and it came out great! Wearing it at a Con was so much fun, so many smiles, laughs, and pictures.

Anyone who was Canadian, related to or worked with a Canadian, couldn't help remark at how awesome they thought it was. I think the most fun part was meeting up with Left Coast Avenger, who I'd met the year before and has an amazing Civil War Cap cosplay. SO much fun to snap pics of Canada and America side by side and geek out over what it took to create our suits. Big shout out to the previously mentioned Maple Bunnie, without her this would not have been nearly as awesome as it was.

--- Todd Whalen

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