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I decided on Ursula because she is one of the the only character I felt I could realistically play visually. Another important factor is she's a villain that I could portray playfully with children. Which was important to consider because I co-own a character company doing children's entertainment.

The process took years because I spent a lot of time waiting to find the perfect materials. For a long time I avoided the thought of constructing the costume due to other characters for my company being a priority. But over time so many people said "You have to do it Shawnna"

I always get a big response at cons which is great but most of the time it's hard to enjoy any comic cons cause of how much I get stopped. So usually have to plan a route ahead of time.

The most interesting and amazing experiences are with the children. Even though meeting celebrities and being interviewed is fun too We have a lot of repeat comic con goers that are expecting to see characters from our company so it nice seeing familiar faces. One of the most memorable moments at a con for me was when I was requested to play soccer with a few adults and a group of kids. It was a blast but the kids were so amused and enamored at how my tentacles were able to kick the ball. The just couldn't figure it out.

-- Dragon Theater