In my early 20's, I would dress up every Halloween in the movie version of the Dorothy costume. Then I started wearing the authentic Slave Leia costume a few years ago. Then I added the Ariel mashup two years ago. My Slave Ariel mashup was so popular with young and old alike, we were wanting to do another "Slave" mashup. It was my husband's idea to resurrect my Dorothy costume and do a mashup with that costume. I LOVED the Dorothy character, so it was a no-brainer to bring her into the "Slave" mix.

Buying blue gingham spandex fabric (it flows nicely and doesn't require sewing the edges), cutting to fit (using the Ariel skirts as a guide), buying the hair extensions that match my strawberry blonde hair, and the ruby slippers. Those were the hardest part. I bought them on Amazon and heavily modified them with more rubies and adjustments to fit my tiny feet. The lollipop was of course a necessity and received lots of comments. It's a real lollipop that I coated with hard cast clear resin, so it is (hopefully) unbreakable…and very heavy!

A HUGE WIN! Very popular, just like Ariel! Little girls see the ruby slippers and the "dog in the basket" and see the original Dorothy Gale. Adults see the hilarious and creatively cute "mashup" of a Slave version of Dorothy. Toto was replaced by a little Chewbacca to help with the crossover between the two themes.

Just lots of admiration, comments about how creative it is (and, original, as I am the very first), and wanting to trade weaponry during photo ops. I traded my lollipop for a barbed-wire covered bat (imagine Negan holding a lollipop), also traded guns for the lollipop in certain posed pictures. Everyone was super respectful and really loved the concept of the mashup of the country girl from Kansas and the Princess in the bikini.

-- Dark Eyed Redhead