"I have always been a Wolverine fan. I started cosplaying the character in 2014.I've done 4 different versions of the cinematic version..I also happen to be a Hugh Jackman fan! When I heard that Hugh was returning to play wolverine one last time, I made sure to be ready for any type of photos or stills so I could prepare myself for his new look...the first photo surfaced and it showed with a new hairstyle and him with a grey beard and a brown jacket. There was also a little girl with him in the picture and we were all curious as to who she was. After months of speculation it was confirmed that she is Laura/X23. When I found this out I knew this was a great opportunity to family cosplay with my 10 year old little girl, Adriana!

To get started I found enough reference photos to get the whole outfit! I searched at every goodwill and local thrift stores for similar garb..with the help of a few of my friends we were able to replicate the look! For X23, we found most of her gear from Target..I have a very talented friend who ended up making her rainbow shirt!

When we arrived at Emerald City Comicon, Laura was a hit...lots of fans of both Logan and Laura wanted pictures..my daughter experienced something surreal..she was praised and that made her feel things that I felt when I cosplayer wolverine. She also was stopped by X23 creator Craig Kyle for photos and a conversation!

As a cosplayer I've learned a lot...not only about myself but others as well. We all have our own visions and point of views, but as a community, we are one!"

--- That One Cosplayer Guy

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