( photo :  DTJAAAAM  )

( photo : DTJAAAAM )

I've always really liked the Anastasia movie and music ever since I was a kid! Having done a few "genderbent" cosplays before, I thought it would be cool idea to do one for Anastasia! I've always thought the first outfit she wears in the movie (the one I cosplayed) would make for a super smooth transition to a guy version of the character! 

A lot of the time I will hand sew my cosplays, but I was lucky enough to find all of the pieces for this cosplay either at Goodwill, Amazon, or from a friend. The under shirt was giving me the most trouble. I couldn't find anything like it that was pre made. I tried hand sewing it, but I couldn't find a fabric I was happy with. Then, RANDOMLY, I mentioned what I was working on to a good friend  and he said that he already had the undershirt from a cosplay he had done and that he would let me borrow it! Really couldn't have finished the cosplay without him!

Everyone loved it! It probably helped a lot that I brought my puppy along with me haha A lot of people asked what I was cosplaying as, when I told them I was a cosplaying as a guy version of Anastasia (Which I'm calling "Man-Astasia") they responded with "That's awesome! Thats what we thought you were!" I think the most interesting thing that happened was the fact that I couldn't move more than a few feet without being stopped because everyone wanted to pet my dog.

I actually started cosplaying on Youtube, unknowingly, a few years ago lol I would dress up as Disney characters and sing songs from their respective movies! Then my friend asked me if I wanted to go to Wondercon 2015 with her and maybe dress up as our favorite characters? I had the costumes laying around so I figured, why not? I've been cosplaying ever since!

Cosplaying has affected my life in the most positive way! Most of the close friends I have, I've met through or because of cosplay and I couldn't ask for a more supportive group of people to surround myself with! It's also helped boost my self confidence in ways I couldn't imagine! There's something about becoming another person or character that makes you feel more confident and I've been lucky enough to have that confidence stick with me in my day to day life!

--- Chris Villain